Snapchat mulls over making public Stories last for ever


Snapchat, the pioneer of ephemeral stories lasting 24 hours may change it’s feature and let them last longer or permanently until you delete it.

The company is also contemplating revealing the identities of users making public posts, as reported by Reuters.

The changes that may come up maybe in the wake of Snapchat losing user-base. Since, Facebook duplicated Stories, Snapchat has been struggling to keep it’s users on the platform.

The photo snapping app recently launched a feature allowing users to share or embed their Stories on different platforms via a link. Snap’s recent efforts are directed towards making Stories last longer. In accordance with how long they last and where they last.

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The changes made may make the users stay on the platform or stir a backlash. The users were attracted because of the Snap’s disappearing nature. Some users may be repelled by the update.

To tackle this, Snapchat may also come up with having an option to set the time period, they want the Snap to last.

A similar feature, called Highlights on Instagram has worked with their users. As, numerous wish to set Highlights on their profile-Stories that don’t vanish. Though, users have the option of deleting it.

The company is also evaluating the option to reveal the identities of users making public posts.

If the change comes in, it might work with Snapchat too. Brands may choose to invest in Stories, as one of the core reasons brands didn’t invest in Stories was that they don’t last longer. Snapchat recently also launched Solutions in a Snap, where users can see experts talking about the subject of steering businesses on the platform and growing it.