#Testing Twitter speech bubbles, status updates, and more

Saloni Surti
New Update
Twitter speech bubbles

Sara Haider of Twitter announced testing some “rough features” to make Twitter feel more conversational. The micro-blogging platform is also rolling out a beta program in the coming weeks to test a number of features. These features shall include speech bubbles, indenting, and different colors which will reflect basis who you are replying to and whether you follow them.

There will also be features such as status availability which according to a report by The Verge might be rolled out in the future. Like other platforms, this feature will sport a green dot beside the beta users’ name when they’re online. The idea is to enhance engagement, for you’re likely to reply to a tweet faster when the poster is still online.

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Further, there will be features such as ice breaker tweets which will help users start conversations around a given topic; users can share their ice breaker question to which people will answer. You can also add tags to your post, referring to what topic, show or instance they’re speaking about.

Twitter seems to be attempting to make the website more conversational while sticking to their core personality. Will these features help the social networking platform increase their demographics will be interesting to see.

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