YouTube for Android is rolling out Voice Search

YouTube Voice Search

YouTube is rolling out YouTube Voice Search for the version 13.50.52 of Android that would help navigate the app better and faster.

YouTube Voice Search has Google’s standard Voice Input UI; tapping the microphone button on the top-right corner will load an interface which would show a red microphone pumping as you speak, simultaneously a transcription would appear on the screen, then showing your search results.


A close button is stationed on the top-left corner if you’d like to return to the system’s navigation.

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Along with, searching for any video on command, the Voice Search would also show results for any part of the menu searched, even the most remote parts. The ‘show me’ command would work for Watch History, Subscriptions, and other sections except for Time Watched.


Any video playing already would not be interrupted during the Voice Search. The Voice Search would work in harmony with the dark mode as well.

YouTube recently executed a cleansing process, uprooting spam subscribers and removing fake engagement as genuine creators battle false posers and the platform also strengthened its community guidelines to tackle hate. Navigating through YouTube would now be easier with the improved search and would upgrade the user experience.