YouTube is cleaning it's aura by uprooting spam subscribers

Paawan Sunam
New Update

YouTube in the pursuit of their routine maintenance is about to clean spam subscriptions and false counts. Creators of all sorts would be affected by it.

In the wake of Instagram & Twitter's purge, as all social media platforms are growing and it's creators are growing too, it attracts creators that fabricate their subscriber count to pose to be popular, and not by creating worthy content.

The platform informed creators that they might see a decrease in the subscriber count during their clean-up drive.

“We regularly verify the legitimacy of accounts and actions on your YouTube channel. As part of these regular checks, we identified and will remove a number of subscribers that were in fact spam from our systems,” as meantioned in the blogpost.

The clean-up process would affect all sorts of creators and topmost channels might see a massive decrease if their counts are falsified and smaller creators might lose the eligilbilty to be a part of YouTube's Partner Programme or be able to monetize their video.

The clean-up process has began and will go on till 14th December, if your channel is removed from YPP, you can reapply once your subscriber base is gauged organically.

The clean-up would help keep the platform fair-minded and unbiased as few creators put in a lot of efforts and hardwork to gauge audience, few do so by counterfeit, which isn't justified for the honest ones.

With abilities like monetizing channels are also dependent from the subscriber count, the clean-up would do justice to all fair-players.

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