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Agency Feature- Bonoboz

Who are we?

Bonoboz was born in late 2013, at a time when the consumer internet in ecosystem was at an inflection point in India, especially with e-commerce as well as growth in social media usage.

Founded by Arun Awasthi & Abhik Basu, Bonoboz began a pure play social media marketing & e-commerce consulting agency. Over time, e-commerce consulting took a back seat, but other verticals such web design & development, SEO, multi-channel paid campaigns & ORM were added to offer a complete digital marketing suite of services. In 2018, Parav Shah, a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur, joined the leadership team with a focus on strengthening client delivery & new business. Today the team is 25 people strong, divided among social media management, SEO, content & design. We also have UI/UX, web design & web development capabilities.

What's in the name?

The ‘Bonobo’ is an endangered species of chimp found in the Congo basin known for their experimentative nature. We knew going into the digital world that it’s all about iterative growth & learning from your experiments, so we wanted to imbibe that spirit from the Bonobo. Oh also, it’s a great conversation starter with clients!

What we do?

We offer a comprehensive gamut of digital marketing services: Social Media Marketing, Paid Campaign Management, SEO, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Web Design & Development

Why we do it?

Creativity & imagination. That’s what we live for and try to breed as a culture within our team and our work. Fortunately, we amidst a tectonic shift in the way the world communicates. The shift to digital channels of communication and social media give us a unique window to express our core values on these channels for brands & businesses making the shift.

How we evolve?

We want to create industry defining creative work that makes an impact for the David’s in the world of digital goliaths. The idea is to work on strong ideas, with swift creative execution. We are already investing in time & resources to improve our content creation, ORM & influencer marketing capabilities.

We learned the hard way

  • Managing client expectations is key. There are times you can have excellent delivery and yet have a less than happy client. The digital media landscape has deluge of metrics and numbers – it’s critical to able to define specific metrics, linked to client goals, and link performance to those.
  • Scaling a creative team & building a strong culture is not an automatic transition.

Did we just share that?

Before we moved to this fancy office, we started as a two people company and were operating from a makeshift office.  The  first employee that we hired didn’t turn up on the day of joining . We didn’t have a clue and the guy wasn’t answering calls. Weeks later we came to know that he were apprehensive that the company might shut down coz we were operating from a so called “house”.  We still have a  good laugh about it.

 They work with us

Our roster of clients include Philips Respironics, Symphony Air Coolers, FLAME University, Havmor Restaurants, Huber & Holly, OPIUM Eyewear, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) India, Raychem RPG, EKA Club, Brihati Foundation & others.

Industry as we foresee

There’s a lot of growth on the cards over next decade. There are 2 streams of businesses – one that are already well established and making a transition to digital. Second is new businesses starting from a digital first approach to make a dent. Both types have growing numbers and we see lots of opportunity to help these brand stories be told.

The challenge is going to be picking the right channels and staying relevant in a very rapidly evolving environment – both in terms of channels, nature of communication and technology. Agencies will have to find a way to stay relevant & creative at the same time.

 A day without Internet

Would be like cutting off the oxygen supply in our office – we’d be lost! Though it might also be a good time to the team to disconnect and a step towards ideation.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we’re always on the lookout for sharp digital chimps. Here is the link to our openings


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