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Agency Feature-iTransparity

Who are we?

You can call us an award-winning Digital Agency with blah-blah experiences & blah-blah-blah delivery expertise (just like every other agency!)


You can call us an idea. Innovative enough to create disruptions creatively as well as experientially!  Sporadically driving content that is ahead of its time.

Our Team – There is just one criterion to be on iTransparity team: Be a thinker; probably not the genius type but an agile type who thinks of probabilities beyond the ordinary possibilities.

Simply put, mediocrity is not tolerated.

Brainstorming in our M.A.D. Room – Hop in at our office to get a glimpse of it!

What's in the name?

You skip a lane and you will find one more firm claiming to be ‘The Digital Agency’ which will make a difference to the brands. Today, the need of a brand is not searching a digital agency but finding an agency which can be TRUSTED. Not just with its Monies but also with its Branding Assets!

That is how we came up with our name, well, decoding it –

iTransparity: i (Internet) + Transparent + Clarity.

 And the tagline that follows, Transparent approach, Clear focus!

What we do?

With disruptive innovations at the core, we would broadly categorize our services into 3 buckets –

  1. Digital Marketing
    1. SEO
    2. SEM
    3. SMM
    4. Content Marketing
    5. B2B focused Marketing
  2. Ecommerce Management
    1. Providing one-stop solution for manufacturers & distributers to sell their products on multiple ecommerce portals
  3. Tech
    1. Web & e-Commerce development
    2. Software Development
    3. Apps Development

Why we do it?

The 3 Founders – Ishan, Sahil & Anuj: Engineers, MBAs! Well, marketing is at the core of what they do! Marketing was the obvious choice; fueled with technology and data at the heart of every solution, we work for a sole purpose – ‘Create a meaningful difference in the minds of the Brand’s customers’

Every time we interacted with a brand authoritarian, we experienced just one thing – ‘We have burnt fingers splurging lakhs & crores of monies with no results. PLEASE HELP!’

This honest plea made us enter the market where transparently, we work with a clear approach to deliver results!

With a team of 40+ marketers & techies, our business only works via referrals. Clients have been with us right from our inception till date!

The fact that we have no business development or sales team is a clear indication that the founders are passionate about what they do with utmost priority to adding value to brands & strategizing result-oriented marketing.

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How we evolve?

Being a tech + digital firm gives an added advantage. The industry and its ever-growing nature can be summed up in two words – Relevant and Useful

Is the work of art (content or design) relevant to the current state of algorithms of various platforms?

Is the work of art (content or design) useful to the intended Target Audience? Umm, swipe left or swipe, right?

Simply put, we continuously upgrade our knowledge, skill sets to stay relevant and useful!

Social responsibility in social media

Digital is two-way communication. Not just the brands but today’s consumer is also aware of content being bombarded. The subtle art of balancing Product push v/s Brand pull through informational content is the social responsibility in social media.

Need of the hour

 Today, with self-proclaimed marketing experts around every corner, the need of the hour isn’t about knowing what is right and what should be executed. More prominently, it is about what shouldn’t be executed – The perfect combination of ‘Buck against Bang!’ is very crucial.

We learned the hard way

Some brand managers (if we can call them damages) are extremely keen on pushing brand products only. Tackling such managers has always been a tedious task! We learned it the hard way that it is essential to deliver good work (relevant for the brand) rather than having a product bombardment.

Did we just share that?

‘Please Activate SEO right away & bring my brand on page 1 instantly’ – No explanations, enough said!

 They work with us

We have been helping various B2B & B2C brands like Dell, Reliance, Myntra, Siyaram Group, Mahanagar Gas Ltd, HNG, Aditya Birla Group, Aptech, Holiday Inn, ProFoods, Buckaroo Shoes, Ambuja Cements, Boutique Living, PureGold Jewellers, Ajmal Perfumes, Mitchell Fair & White, Club Mahindra, Apparel group, Landmark group , Kate Spade New York, Kipling, Tim Hortons, Cold Stone Creamery, Punjab Grill, Social Offline, Yautcha, Hakkasan, M.O.D, Rajdhani , Café Mangii, Puranmal, Tote on the turf etc to enhance their online presence, resulting in increased sales, better strategy, enhanced engagement, consistent branding online .

Apart from working for clients in India, we have forayed our services all around the globe too with major clients in USA, UK.

Industry as we foresee

The pie is forever growing & with this, the touchpoints & avenues to reach the masses & even niche audiences will only amplify.

The increased penetration of digital will create multiple opportunities for marketers to reach out to a specific niche of audiences in newer ways.

In the near future, content marketing, video content along with the engaging mobile experiences, voice-based interactions, transformations in payment mechanisms, etc will drive the growth of digital immensely.

A day without Internet

There are times in our lives when the internet slows down! We already consider that as a nightmare. A day without Internet? Cannot even think about it! Right?

Today, when we disconnect, is the only time we get to spend with our near and dear ones! Life does really exist without internet!

At iTransparity, we celebrate days where we disconnect (intentionally) and build relations and spend time as one big family (Know thy neighbor)

Lastly, are you hiring?


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