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Who are we?

Tagbin is a company comprised of experienced creators who design and engineers’ experiential spaces that ignite one’s imagination & stimulate the senses to create truly magical experiences, leaving our audiences with unforgettable memories.

It was founded in 2013, with a vision to constantly innovate and reinvent the way audiences experience and absorb information.


What's in the name?

Tagbin is taken from the word Tagging. During the initial phase of Tagbin, we have helped events to achieve virality by use of Tagging Technology and integrating the user feeds in events with Social Media Platforms after event registration and activity check-ins. We were one of the first in 2013 who used tagging technology integrating with social media platforms creating a buzz. That was a major point in the Tagbin’s history which shaped the name.

What we do?

We design and engineer experiential spaces like Museums, Exhibits and Experience Centers.

Apart from that, we provide the following solutions:

1) Experiential Marketing

2) Experiential Events

3) Interactive Museums

4) Experiential Learning

5) Entertainment using Experiential Technology

6) Experiential Activations

7) Experiential Branding

8) Experiential Advertising

Why we do it?

We do it for solving the following problems:

1) Recall of any theme, campaign, advertisement or exhibit is hard to achieve with so much noise of media explosion, our installations help to break through that noise by pulling the strings of emotions and activating 5 senses strategically through designing and engineering experiential spaces like museums, exhibits, and experience centers.

2) We erase the friction of a buyer’s journey to make a purchase, by closing the gap between reality and expectations by using our realistic experience even before people actually purchase a product. This ultimately helps in purchase decisions.

How we evolve?

It’s important for companies to constantly reinvent themselves as per the fast-paced customer expectations, we have to move with and ahead of time. These are turbulent times; every day new innovations are happening, and it is very necessary for us to keep learning and stay updated with the latest innovation.

Social responsibility in social media

When we are measuring our success, we make sure that we consider true success only when we will impact society in a positive way with our work. Most of our work is based on initiatives which had inspired the crowd for clean India or choosing eco-friendly vehicles to improve air quality index, etc. through different innovative experiential solutions in exhibits.

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Need of the hour

Ideas that lead to amazing innovations have a very deep impact in the future that we are moving towards. It is very necessary that we don’t jeopardize the importance of humanity and peace while ideating them. It is necessary to make sure we take a human-centric approach while working on an Idea.

We learned the hard way

To be honest, we have ventured with many new products and concepts in the past, some worked, and some didn’t. However, each was learning and shaped who we are today.

Did we just share that?

I would like to share one of our recent incidents while pitching a Government Project.  When we reached them we realized that we were the youngest among our competitors of vendor selection process. But we surprisingly got an amazing remark once we had completed our pitch. One of the senior person from the selection board told us, they had never seen a pitch like that where the work is completely visualized and showcased in a perfect way even before the project is won.

They work with us

Some of the most important brands and organization we had worked with are:

National Achieves of India, Archeological Survey of India, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, (DICDL) Dholera Industrial City Development Limited, (DSIR) Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Facebook, Microsoft, Huwaei, Hyundai, Vodafone, ONGC, GAIL, Bajaj Electricals Limited, Arvato Bertelsmann, Mercedes Benz, Kohler, Audi, Levis, Rayban, Kohler, India Today, HDFC Life, Oreo, Dell, VIVO, Myntra, United Colors of Benetton, Nestle, Kingfisher, Nissan, Sanofi, Livon, Pepsico, Johnnie Walker, Hero, Lenovo, Apollo, Colorbar, Dubizzle, Airtel, GCCS and many more

Industry as we foresee

As we see the world today, due to the media explosion it has become very hard for individuals to absorb the content. The only thing that can help them to absorb the content smoothly is by providing an experience which is memorable, impactful and magical in nature.

Knowingly or unknowingly people had already started using experience focused solutions in outdoor campaigns, even before Bernd Schmitt, published the framework for Experiential Marketing.

And slowly from museums to real estate, people have started to realize the essence of experiential solutions which can build up their space providing a magical experience. Brands have started investing more and more on making their ads and events experience focused. The industry of Experience Creators is here to stay and evolve in a couple of years because people will not stop innovating and if they ignore the experience of the Ultimate boss (Customers/Target Audience) they will perish.

A day without Internet

I hope that day never comes, but I somehow feel, that it may not be that boring as we think it to be. Our surroundings have become more and stranger to us, hopeful when that day comes, people will have a closer look at their surroundings and have a completely unique sensory experience.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we constantly keep on looking for active and passionate individuals to be a part of our team. I believe passion is very important to have for the type of industry we are into, skills can be developed, but passion cannot be. So, we hire individuals that are driven by passion.

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