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Agency Feature- Rabbit Digital

Who are we?

Rabbit Digital is a digital branding and marketing solutions company, that combines the best in Creativity, Strategy, and Technology to deliver high impact results for Brands in the online and social media space.

What's in the name?

Online presence is all about exponential reach and impact. Rabbit Digital therefore aptly and metaphorically, derives its name from the rate and prowess with which this likable creature multiplies.

What we do?

  • Digital Marketing Consultancy
  • E-commerce & Responsive Web Designs
  • Strategy & Branding
  • Competitor analysis
  • Product / Solution Prototyping
  • Digital Advertising & Campaigns
  • Content Marketing
  • Email & Mobile Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Campaign, Analysis & Insight
  • Social Media Marketing

Why we do it?

Whatever the digital platform, we are passionately driven by one goal; to strive for Result Oriented Innovation! The currently evolving Digital Media landscape provides our intellect & imagination with an uncharted and unending playground to explore new and impactful communication strategies. And that proverbial carrot is enough to keep our creative juices flowing.

 How we evolve? 

Like a Rabbit’s instincts, our thinking skills are highly evolved and we are able to quickly adapt and thrive in every emerging medium.  Backed by a team of versatile professionals from the creative, media and technology spheres we not only are making waves in the digital and social media marketing realms, but are also pushing the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality to help our clients achieve their communication objectives.

Social responsibility in social media

With great power comes great responsibility. And a viral medium like social media wields the power to ignite, amplify and measure social change in real time. Cognizant of this fact we encourage brands to use this medium to go a step further than brand engagement and strive towards social engagement which generates greater brand affinity.  Based on every Brand’s product promise we explore avenues where the core product benefit can have social relevance, and we employ social media to help Brands have those meaningful conversations with their audience; always with the intent of generating brand resonance along with the positive social change.

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Need of the hour

Word on web is the new word of mouth and consumers are more influenced by their peers than marketers. This along with the explosive rise in access to handheld devices and rapid proliferation of the internet is making digital more powerful than conventional media day by day. Brands therefore need to establish a strong online presence, understand the strength and utility of each social medium, and allocate the required time and resources towards communicating their offerings in the online space.

To do this they need to partner with digital agencies that possess the right blend of creativity, strategy and technology to be able to provide them with both a quantitative, as well a qualitative edge online.

 We learned the hard way

 Every minute, of every day, we keep learning about the medium and develop new insights about its users. In fact constant learning through trial and testing is the only way to ride the digital wave!

Did we just share that

Funny SMM incidents or amusing experiences with clients (without naming them if you’d prefer)

We are always amused when we are approached by Brands to create content that goes viral. While some self –proclaimed ‘social media gurus’ try and establish patterns that lead to the popularity of content in hindsight, the reality is that there is no magic formula. Virality is a random user discretion driven phenomena.All that brands and digital agencies can strive to do is create good content and put it out there for viewers to decide what starts trending.

 They work with us

We are gaining the experience of engaging audiences across categories with a diverse base of clients that includes MYKLaticrete, Apollo Sugar, Gati Limited, Ramky Group, Freedom Healthy Oil, and Dukes

A day without Internet

A day without internet could send our species down a spiraling existential and identity crisis. Mass panic and brainstorming sessions would ensue raising questions about now what, which would eventually result in the cyclic conclusion that we need the internet to find the answer.


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