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Agency Feature The Minimalist

Who are we?

The Minimalist is a design and digital company with 3 core business areas:

- Branding and Communication

- Interaction design

- Digital Marketing

Over 200 brands like Coca-Cola, MTV, Cipla, ICICI Prudential, Airtel, Blue Star, HCL and many other corporates, SMEs and high growth start-ups have joined hands with us to enter the world of minimalism.

Our team is a young and dynamic group of engineers, artists, media professionals, MBAs and techies who come together every day with a single minded focus of creating provocation.

We are known for our unique creative philosophies and viral impact on digital media which has spawned a cult following of over 200,000 people.

What's in the name?

We are a company that exists to create provocation- and the best way to achieve that is to keep it simple. We are staunch believers in the ‘less is more’ ideology and started with the vision of creating stuff which is more than what meets the eye. Given this thought process, it was only imperative that we own the golden island that is minimalism. And hence, the brand name!

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What we do?

We are a design and digital company with 3 business units:

Branding and Communication- Crafting brand and communication strategies that translate into brand identities, brand communications and videos which includes:

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Identity

Video Production

Marketing Communication

Print and BTL

Interaction Design- Designing user-centric and delightful experiences across web, mobile and wearables which includes:

Website Design

Mobile App Development

Digital Products

Wearable and Voice Interface

Service Design

Social Media Management- Managing a brand's digital footprint- including social media, digital campaigns and lead generation which includes:

Social Media Management

Media Buying and Planning

Digital Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization

Online Reputation Management

Why we do it?

We started with a clear WHY- of creating thought provoking work for ourselves and the brands that we partner with. It is the passion for creating stuff that makes people go “Wow, how did you come up with it?” that got us into the business.

How we evolve?

Regular learning sessions with industry experts, cross team learning sessions & projects, active trends & futuring to stay ahead of the curve

Social responsibility in social media

Integrity is one of our core values. We believe in sticking to our commitments and delivering value for our clients with complete openness to feedback in our way of working

Need of the hour

Being honest and open about one’s business activities without having to create a facade- for both agencies and brands.

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We learned the hard way

It takes time to build something big. Patience is the key to creating a long term business. During tough times, one must always go back to the first principles.

Did we just share that?

Nothing, from the top of our minds

They work with us

Coca Cola, Saint Gobain, Blue Star, Cipla, AU Bank, MTV Beats UK, HCL, Navneet Publications

Industry as we foresee

The industry is growing at a very high CAGR and digital spends will continue to grow- resulting in an increasing amount of importance being placed on good UX and digital strategies.

A day without Internet

A throwback to the golden days of the 1990s. Simple. Surreal.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We’re always hiring! We have open positions for creative people across all three business units.

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