Want to be Murad in Gully Boy? You can with Snapchat

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Gully boy and snapchat

Excel Movies, the makers of Feb 14th's hotly anticipated musical drama Gully Boy have teamed up with camera company Snapchat so you can personally take the film's starring role, via AR.





Through a special lens (an Augmented Reality overlay for your camera feed) people using Snapchat can sing along to the film's title track, while appearing to be dressed up as Ranveer Singh's character in his iconic hoodie.

The lens works on both your front and rear facing camera, so you can even make your friends into Murad, and what's more, the lyrics of the song appear along the bottom of the screen, to help make sure you remember the words!

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The lens is now available nationwide until 31st March and you can unlock the lens using the Snapcode below:

Snapcode - Gully Boy


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