Gully Boy brand integrations reach nook and corner of every gully

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Gully Boy

Gully Boy's partnerships with brands like Adidas, OLA, Sunsilk, and more is surfing hard on the topical wave created by the movie.

Rap is gaining more and more popularity by the day courtesy, Gully Boy. With the movie releasing tomorrow, the brands integrated with the movie are creating a lot of hype too.

Customized hashtags, stickers and more subjecting the movie are largely being circulated. Brands have also come out with Gully Boy specific merchandise, outfits and more. Gully Boy Brand Integrations are literally everywhere.

In India, Bollywood is life and life is Bollywood. So, these collaborations holding on to the moment where the movie is heavily being promoted would help brands promote their products in every gully.

Glance through some of them:

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Adidas Originals 





Torex Syrup








Amazon Prime Video India

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