Indeed puts power back in hands of job seeker with pre-roll ad campaign

Changing Faces

Indeed, has launched its new brand campaign, Changing Faces, aimed at connecting job seekers with relevant work opportunities.

The campaign seeks to garner the attention of new job seekers and introduce the brand to them through targeted advertisements that meet their requirements.

The advertisements will be embedded in videos that job seekers choose to watch on various digital platforms such as blogging sites, vlog channels, online music streaming channels and so on. With this campaign, Indeed shows how job search for Indians can be seamless and user-friendly with timely and hyperlocal search options.

 The campaign’s key message centers on envisioning a new India which is marching forward towards employment. Having observed the Indian labour market scenario, Indeed understands the unique perspective and requirements of Indian job seekers and offers customized solutions to help India get to work.

Sashi Kumar, Managing Director at Indeed India says “Current job search alternatives in India are largely restricting, with only paid for openings posted online, while vital company information is unavailable, and opportunities being spread out across a number of platforms. Given this situation, the only option left to most job seekers is to upload their resume and hope to be contacted directly by recruiters. With Indeed’s holistic job search solution (universal search, reviews, job alerts, search filters, resume upload and more) Indian job seekers can finally take charge and find work that matters to them.”

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Kumar adds, “Indeed has always been an advocate for job seekers, and we continue to work towards our mission of helping people find the right job for themselves. By allowing users to come across job opportunities that are pertinent to their interests, we empower job seekers to tailor their job search to suit their requirements.”

 In the previous leg of the campaign, Indeed had focused on giving Indian jobseekers seamless access to finding their desired job. The campaign highlighted how the socially conscious youth of a new-age India is concerned about the future of the country and wants to work towards solving real issues like getting to work. The campaign stressed how the energies and mind space of this new generation of job seekers are now focused on helping the nation move forward.