7 times brands gave us lessons on love

Valentine's day is hereand campaigns will soon start filling up. Here are a few Love brand campaigns that stood out for lessons they imparted

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Love brand campaigns

Valentine's day is just around the corner and campaigns will soon start filling up feeds, spreading mushy love. Here are a few campaigns that stood out for the lessons they imparted about love.

Love is an emotion that deserves more than one day to be expressed, even in the world of advertisements and campaigns. It squeezes itself in whenever possible, adding an unparallel flavour to the message. An emotion so strong, it has too many definitions, and yet none conclusive. One of these being the one between partners, which you are likely to witness on your feeds a lot this week and probably the next. It's Valentine's, after all!

Here we bring you campaigns that have no connection with this festive season but if you look close enough, love is in the air, and lessons too.

Make space: Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai by Asian Paints

If you were to bring someone in your life, you must be accommodating to their likes and personality. To make space in your life for them is a start that will help you add strength to your relationship. It would, of course, by physical as well as emotional. Decorating or re-decorating the space you would inhabit could help you begin on both grounds, no?

Self-love: #MomByChoice by Titan Raga

One of the most important bonds in our lives is one that we share with our parents. We don't really have a choice to which family we would be born. However, we do get to have a say in the relationship we share with them. Being a parent is a choice, so is loving your offspring. A parent putting themselves first is not a bad thing. After all, how can you ever love someone if you are unhappy with yourself and the way your life is?

Truth: Kinley

Relationships deserve a dash of truth. They help you bring closer and develop the bond you share with your loved ones. Also, it frees you from the restrains and the stress of backtracking your moves and words for what if you utter the unutterable! On a personal level, it is sure to bring you peace and calm and well, help you sleep at night!

Time and effort: Rishton Ki Garmahat by Wagh Bakri

Your loved ones deserve your time. To feel loved and cherished is an innate need everyone possesses — try to fulfill it for your partner on a regular basis? It will help you bring closer, developing your bond to no end. It is perhaps really important to show/tell them how much they matter to you and not just feel it — communication is important too!

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Acceptance: #BeBoldForChange by UrbanClap

Acceptance is one of the most important markers of love. Would you love someone as they are, even if there were to be a drastic change in how you have known them all this time? Could you accept and support them in their endeavours as they grapple to unravel the truths about themselves? 'Society' indeed begins at home, wouldn't you agree?

Sans dependence: Zigy

Upon associating yourself with someone, you create bonds with many people who matter to them. Even if, for whatever reason, they stop being important in your life, you can still choose to be close to others you know because of them. Just because relationships are entwined, it doesn't mean all have to end when one does.

Offline please: #LookUp by Vodafone

It might seem hypocrisy given how you are probably reading this on your phone, but it is important to live and love, offline. While following and participating in hashtags feels important, expressing your love directly, without letting wires getting in between is essential too. So, while we would love to have you share this article, we would suggest you read it out to your loved ones instead of pressing share. Deal?

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