Does Patanjali Paridhan’s digital campaign convey click?

Patanjali Paridhan campaign

Patanjali Paridhan celebrated Indianness in a vibrant way with its maiden campaign, Tann Maan Dhan Indiapan and our experts share if the campaign hit the right note.

It came and disrupted the FMCG sector like no other, they say. Here, we talk about India’s very own desi brand, Patanjali Ayurved Limited helmed by Yog Guru Baba Ramdev. From building up as a pharmacy in 1997 to in recent times foraying into an array of consumer goods like shampoos, toothpaste, dairy products, and instant noodles, the company has come a long way. However, owing to the lack of advertising and fierce competition from brands like Dabur, Patanjali’s sales volumes have seen a huge dip.

According to data from Kantar Worldpanel, it grew 7% during October-March 2018 as compared to 22% in April-September 2017.

A result of which, Patanjali decided to keep its advertising spends on television unchanged and focus more on different mediums like digital media and outdoor. For the launch of its apparel brand, Patanjali Paridhan, the company rolled out its maiden campaign celebrating ‘Indiapan’ targeting the Youth of India while highlighting the charisma of Indian traditional wear. Patanjali aims to build on the same brand values to provide a range of world class apparel for every Indian’s needs and wants, the philosophy behind Patanjali Paridhan.

Campaign Objective

The primary objective of the launch campaign was to introduce the Paridhan and carving out a special niche for Patanjali Paridhan within the larger brand equity of Patanjali while retaining youth, modernity, fashion, and trendiness.


The big insight that the agency, L&K Saatchi and Saatchi, unearthed was the fact that fashion in India is still very west focused. If you discount the token FabIndia(s), Manyavar(s), and a few local players, there is no national level India-centric fashion brand. Also, Indians feel slightly defensive about Indian fashion as compared to western fashion, unless it is ethnic wear.

The brand wanted to bring Indian fashion fabrics and styles back into everyday life. To prove that Indian fashion is best suited for our body type and climatic conditions, and to celebrate our rich and varied fabric heritage. The idea was to create a movement – Tann Maan Dhan Indiapan, to remind people of the rich heritage of fashion that we have surrendered in the blind pursuit of western fashion.

Brand speaks

K.N. Singh, CEO, Patanjali Paridhan, commented, “The aim is to bring the focus and interest back to Indian clothing. Every outfit can be adapted for comfort and that is what we aim at doing. Patanjali’s objective, through Paridhan, is to mold the old format of dressing into the latest, more comfortable styles, for the Indian youth, while helping the various state handloom corporations and the weavers.”

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Singh also informed that all of the products have been selected basis the color scheme, mood board and quality defined by the global authority on garment quality. “Our prices are at least 60% less than the international brands. But the consumer has to try and use the product to know Patanjali’s quality in apparel range.”

Creative Thought Process

The challenge for Kumar Suryavanshi, Executive Creative Director, L&K Saatch, and Saatchi and his team was to maintain a balance between Patanjali’s Indian values and fashion codes and sensibilities.

He added, “The challenge was to bring alive the feeling of Indiapan while showcasing fashion, which has always been associated with international brands.”

Ashish Naik, Executive Creative Director, L&K Saatchi, and Saatchi, also highlighted that the clothes were vibrant and captured the true essence of India’s diversity. The beautiful locations added to the charm of the campaign.

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It remains to see that adding an extra flavour of ‘Indiapan’ to the advertising attracts consumer attention and drives sales.


Payal Vora, Group Head- Content, Beeing Social

Patanjali takes a reroute from its usual conservative approach, to tap into the younger population with its campaign ‘IndiaPan’. The trend of wearing Indian clothes, even apart from occasions, has been already brought into the spotlight by brands such as Manyavar. Patanjali has taken a step in the right direction when our country’s youth have started opening up to Indian traditional wear.

Bishal Paul, CEO, Little Monk Digital

The campaign is nice and colourful. However, it somehow looks like a misfit given the brand identity of Patanjali. Besides, it is unclear what message they’re trying to convey. Neither are we getting a clear idea of whether the clothes are pure Indian or a mix of domestic and international or fusion cloths. The campaign looks confusing in their messaging. It’s been shot richly and on a grand scale which gives the video the bigger landscape. But for me, the overall essence of the video doesn’t reflect well with the established brand identity of Patanjali.