Reliance General Insurance uses a relatable father-son narrative to promote their new Selfi App

Reliance General Insurance

Wouldn’t it be nice to get insurance done at your fingertips? If only someone had a smart, innovative solution to the old, outdated ways of buying, selling or managing your insurance. One look at the new campaign for the Selfi App by Reliance General Insurance will give you the answer.

Through an endearing father-son narrative, Reliance General Insurance launches the Selfi App. One that makes time and effort consuming tasks, associated with insurance seem like a thing of the past. Buying, renewing, checking claim updates can now be done in an instant. As easy as ordering a pizza, or booking a movie ticket!

The campaign depicts how the app simplifies the insurance process and offers a solution that appeals to younger and older generations alike. For instance, while the father is skeptical of a new-age solution, the son uses the app making the father understand how easy and smart it is.

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With a buffet of insurances available, the Selfi App makes managing multiple tasks simpler. Especially for a generation that’s used to getting everything at their fingertips.

Exemplifying that Reliance General Insurance’s APProach is a plausible solution for the mobile generation, the campaign gives the audience an introduction to the ease and convenience that’s in store for them with the Reliance Selfi App.