Social Media News Round Up: Twitter's actions for elections, Instagram Donation Sticker and more

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Social Media Platforms are constantly evolving and updating with newer features to increase relevance and stickiness for users, brands, and businesses. Here is our weekly roundup of Social Media News this week.

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Social Media News this week was dominated by YouTube's Strikes System, Twitter India's political ads' expansion, Twitter's tests of Snapchat-like news Camera, Instagram tests Donations Stickers letting users start fundraisers for a non-profit organization and more.

Twitter lists out actions undertaken to protect the integrity of election conversations

Improving the collective health of the public conversation is the number one priority for Twitter as a company, and protecting the integrity of elections is an essential part of the company’s mission. Read more here.

Disney, Nestle and Epic Games pause advertising on YouTube following outspread of pedophile videos

Disney, Nestle and Epic Games have reportedly paused advertising on YouTube after a network started spreading videos of nude children alongside adverts of various cosmetic and car brands. Read more here.

YouTube introduces new Strikes System for channels breaking rules

YouTube has revamped it’s Community Guidelines with the YouTube Strikes System to warn channels breaking the rules introducing more opportunities for everyone to understand their policies. Read more here.

Twitter India expands transparency around political ads

In line with its commitment to enforce stricter policies for political advertisers and providing clear, transparent disclosure for all ads, Twitter announced the expansion of its political ads policy and transparency approach to include India, Australia, and all European Union member states. Read more here.

Testing: Instagram Donation sticker for stories to support and promote charities

The photo-sharing app is testing an Instagram Donation sticker for Stories letting users start fundraisers for non-profit organizations. Read more here.

Testing: Snapchat-like Twitter News Camera

Twitter is testing a Snapchat-like feature which may be called Twitter News Camera. The feature would let users add captions to photos, videos and live broadcasts. Read more here.

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