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Anvesha Poswalia

Anvesha Poswalia, Senior Brand Manager – Digital, Asian Paints and a winner of #SS40Under40 shares her comprehension of the digital world and tips for fellow marketers.

Poswalia has also been featured in the “Top 50 Digital Marketing Leaders in India” in 2017 by World Marketing Congress and CMO Asia along with Social Media Superwomen by Social Samosa (2016 & 2017).

In a conversation with Social Samosa, she shares the one thing she really loves about her career, weirdest brief and #AllItTakes to make it big in the marketing field.

One thing you really love about your choice of career

The digital marketing ecosystem is so dynamic that there are new changes every day. This keeps me on my toes and the penchant for learning continues.

How would you explain your job to a 5-year-old?

The way you try to convince your parents to buy something, I convince your parents to buy a certain product for your home, when they go to buy it. And I use mobile phones and laptop to tell my product's story.

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The Weirdest Brief/Pitch you have ever received

We make "viral" videos! You cannot make "viral videos", you can work to make videos go viral. And making viral videos cannot be a business objective.

5 Jargons that have become a part of your life

Brand Awareness, Call to Action (CTA), Remarketing, ROI, Value Proposition

Media, Marketing & Advertising Quote/Tips for our Audience

The new age marketing does not limit itself to just "customers". It talks to all its "users" - basically, anyone interacting with your brand at any touchpoint - website, app, offline store, social media. He/she may not be an immediate buyer, but will still have a perception about you through your content and reviews. So, make sure you are driving a positive brand perception at every touchpoint.

#AllItTakes Advice bytes for career aspirants who wish to make it Big in your field

Stay updated and network well! Try getting as much hands on experience as possible, through small projects and internships. No one can teach you digital marketing theoretically - you got to get your hands dirty for the best learning.

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