#GlobalSamosa:Toyota is shattering perceptions with their Super Bowl 2019 Commercial

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Toyota Super Bowl

Toyota collaborated with Antoinette Harris to shatter perceptions and bury assumptions for their Super Bowl 2019 advert.

Not being a big fan of assumptions, was the common ground where Toni and Toyota met. Toni's story is parallel to that of a Hybrid. Considering RAV4 Hybrid Toyota may face similar assumptions, the advert does shatter perceptions.

Toni was "apparently" too small, too slow and too weak. In reality, turns out she may have become the first woman to receive a football scholarship. She has gained scholarship offers to play football for Bethany College, Kansas and four more colleges. Though, her eyes are laid on NFL.

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The advert is by the agency Burrell Communications with support from Saatchi & Saatchi and Zenith Media. Joe Pytka, the director of the advert has splendidly captured the before & after moments of Toni and the narration by Jim Nantz blends in well, as the narration apprises the assumptions and the visuals portray actuality.

The ad would be presented in the first ad break of the second quarter in Super Bowl LIII and would probably go long as Super Bowl is widely watched across the american continent.

Product Integration was the show-stealing aspect of the advert. The product is weaved in every fragment of the campaign, from the story, to the metaphor(Toni).

We too, are not a big fan of assumptions but this ad was proof that Toyota has got it's game strong.

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