5 Twitter lessons to learn from Narendra Modi

We share 5 lessons we learnt while scrolling through the Twitter profile of Prime Minister Modi and tell you how you can apply them to your digital presence

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Narendra Modi

With 45 million followers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most popular world leaders on Twitter. In addition to his identity, there are various factors that led him to such numbers. Here, we share five lessons we learnt as we scrolled through his profile

Narendra Modi's Twitter profile has been a decade in the making. The last few years sure have been a cherry on the top. From congratulating fellow leaders on birthdays and achievements to sharing images of his travels across the globe, Modi has aced the 280-character game. These tweets, of course, have helped build the base required by his party to strengthen their political campaigns, in sync with their agenda. While Modi has been heavily criticised for not holding a single press conference since becoming the prime minister in 2014, perhaps no one can blame him for not communicating enough — at least in the cyberspace.

Pepper away brands you support

Ever since Demonetisation in 2016, digital payments have been all the rage in Modi's communication with the citizens of the country. Make in India as a means to support the indigenous production has been another. His love and devotion to the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi are another interesting recurring factor. One of the key takeaways from his profile is the way the various agendas he supports are coupled up whenever possible, sprinkled heavily with a touch of personalisation — something influencers across the spectrum are likely to swear by!

Humour your followers with love

People love to feel cherished. In the Twitterverse, it is a lot about honouring your followers and telling them that you are listening. Brand Modi is so strong that there are various accounts online that boast of being followed by him. The actions of such profiles and the hate they spread are well, another matter. For now, we would focus on how tweets of encouragement and gratitude are a strong point in his communication, especially given how near the next Lok Sabha elections are — take note of the hashtag! Light-hearted conversations in the mix are always a plus.

Keep them in the loop

Telling followers what you are up to helps them believe in your brand and connect with you better. Modi, being the prime minister, uses the platform appropriately while announcing his whereabouts to the citizens of the country and beyond. Linking these details with the milestones achieved on the way creates a sense of fulfilment among the fans and followers. It generates a dialogue about the event in the online world. As an influencer, you can use these traits to strengthen your skills to impact conversations online.

Language, please!

While Modi mostly uses English while communicating over Twitter, there are instances of Indian languages seeping through. This is especially true when the target audience of the Tweet is a specific group of people with a common tongue. Since a majority of conversations on the platform are in the written form or are accompanied by words (at least hashtags), language plays an important role. Experimenting is the way to go — see what works for you, what helps you get your message across.

Promote your offline engagement

While engaging with users online is essential, putting across offline engagement is just as important. It helps expand followers and their faith in you and your brand. The idea is to let them know that you are real and not merely an online entity. By sharing glimpses of conversations with real people and asking others to connect with him through his app, Modi fuels his image of being a prime minister who cares. It helps fight the criticism for not interacting with the press. Reach people directly seems the notion that's working well for the team.

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