12 Campaigns Empowering Women’s Liberation

Women Centric Campaigns

Women-Centric Campaigns by Audi, Reebok, Whisper and more are shattering boundaries and myths surrounding women around the globe.

With Women’s Day around the corner and with everything women have to face in today’s world, these campaigns are an inspiration. Real-time circumstances like grading beauty, suppression, judgemental assumptions, being victimized by vile behavior and more of such social issues have been targeted and depicted intensively.

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UN Women portrayed the ugly truth about the way women are seen and what they are ‘good for’. Speaking of ugly truths, ELLE UK showcasing women’s presence on events associated with notable affairs was enough to show women’s “equal” involvement.

Whisper’s #LikeAGirl changes the meaning of doing things ‘like a girl’, so does Nike with showing what girls are really made of.

These adverts are prime examples of cause marketing. They fulfill the corporate social responsibility of empowering women. It’s shameful for us as a society, that women don’t get what they deserve. These adverts are a step towards overturning the current scenario.

UN Women – The Autocomplete truth


Bodyform – The Truth

Fanpage.it – Slap Her

Reebok – Be More Human

Audi – Time To Open New Doors

Whisper – Like A Girl

Nike – What are girls made of?


Dove – Choose Beautiful

Schweppes – The Dress for Respect

Sport England – This Girl Can

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