Budweiser says 'We're All Kings' this Holi

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Budweiser launched a digital film showcasing the colorful festival of Holi as the ultimate celebration of inclusion and positivity that transcends cultures and boundaries.

The feature displays the brand’s sentiment of bolstering individuals to be themselves.

Set in an urban Indian locale, the video depicts an energetic Holi celebration where a group of people are seen happily clad in color while smearing each other’s faces.

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A sudden downpour of rain slowly unmasks their faces, which reveals to everyone’s surprise that the people celebrating are not the usual suspects, but are diverse individuals who have come together to celebrate the festival. This diversity transcends nationality, religion, caste, and gender, yet people are seen to be visibly comfortable and jolly in each other’s presence, while reveling in the inclusive vibe of Holi.

Talking about this campaign, Kartikeya Sharma, Vice President Marketing - South Asia, AB InBev opined, “At Budweiser, we have been constantly striving to inspire people to own their lives and be freedom energizers, not only for themselves but also for others. Holi is a global gathering that disregards stereotypical notions, and supersedes prejudice with a feeling of absolute togetherness. With this film, we aim to debunk the divide and unite people through the shades of the festival.”

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