15 of the funniest ads of all times ft. Mercedes Benz, Budweiser, and more

funny commercials

Brands coming up with funny commercials to win their viewer’s heart is a long list but the following stood out with the highest scores and loudest laughs.

If you want someone to like your product, making them laugh would probably be the best way to do it. From Domino’s Pizza’s horse in just a regular day Japanese commercial to Volkswagen’s horses, either brands have placed their product with subtlety or or straight up in your face like Colgate’s Close Talker or DollarShaveClub.com’s Our Blades Are F***ing Great.

Video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness and get get 66% more qualified leads per year. While video gains such leads, these videos can be of various kinds like tutorials, demos, reviews, etc. Although, none of these kinds connect to the consumer as much as a funny video does, according to Optimonster.

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For example, almost every commercial of M&M’s is funny. It has been the theme of their campaigns throughout their existence(1941-2019). While many brands choose to either tap a different emotion or create a different kind of video, there’s no denying the power of laughter.

None of these commercials fail to crack you up like thin ice as the best way to the consumers’ heart is to make them laugh. Funny Commercials are also fancied on social media platforms and prove fruitful if included in the digital marketing strategy because of widely being shared and liked.

From UFO Noodles’ bizarre ad to Old Spice’s danger zone, check out the funniest ads from all times. The list is in no particular order.

Volkswagen(Tiguan) – Horsing Around

Shaw – WiFi 6X Faster

Old Spice – Danger Zone

UFO Noodles – Japanese Commercial

Mercedes Benz – Death

Haynes Baked Beans – Not For Astronauts

Skittles – Romance the Rainbow

Doritos – Ultrasound

Budweiser – Whazzaapp?!

Volkswagen – The Force(Star Wars)

Amazon(Alexa) – Alexa loses her voice

Domino’s Pizza – Japanese Commercial

Snickers – Mr. Bean

Colgate Total – Close Talker

DollarShaveClub.com – Our Blades Are F***ing Great


Which campaign is the funniest in the history of advertising in your opinion?