Campaign Face-off: Franklin Templeton’s #InvestForProgress v/s Bajaj Allianz’s #LifeGoalsSeeNoGender

women's day campaign face off

In this women’s day campaign face-off, experts pen down their thoughts on whose creative thought process among Franklin Templeton and Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, stands out.

Women’s Day Every day! While we truly believe in it, March 8 has some special significance.

Two financial brands, Franklin Templeton and Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance set out to create a more gender-balanced world through their campaigns. While the former salutes women shattering all stereotypes and moving ahead towards what they want and wish with ‘I am capable of More’, the latter’s women’s day campaign is a testimony to the notion that life is set equally and are not defined by any gender.

Franklin Templeton’s ‘I am Capable of More’

Women are breaking the glass ceiling in all major sectors but somehow are still hesitant when it comes to making financial investments on their own.

With this insight, Franklin Templeton’s Women’s Day campaign, themed under the #InvestForProgress umbrella, is 2-fold. While it gives an ode to strong, resilient and ambitious women who strive for greatness, it also encourages them to break one more barrier and become financially independent.

The campaign film conceptualised by Mirum India, showcases 5 extraordinary women from different walks of life who chose to break stereotypes. The video encourages women to take charge of their finances and be truly independent.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance’s #LifeGoalsSeeNoGender

This Women’s day, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance rooted for gender-balanced world conveying that life goals for men are the same as women and they see no gender with the hashtags #LifeGoalsSeeNoGender #LifeGoalsDone.

Social Media Buzz
While Franklin Templeton has 5 different stories weaved into 1 master film, it has especially created sub-1-minute cuts of each of these 5 stories for our digital and social media platforms seeing this as a growing trend.

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Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance further asked netizens to share the story of a certain life goal of theirs that they have strived to achieve in the comments on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #LifeGoalsSeeNoGender. Top responses stood a chance to win Amazon vouchers.

Happy Women's Day – Bajaj Allianz Life

A woman should be two things: WHO and WHAT she wants!With every goal being set higher than the previous one she achieved, #LifeGoalsSeeNoGender and women have proved this time and again. Share the story of a certain life goal of yours that you strived to achieve in the comments with the hashtag #LifeGoalsSeeNoGender.Top responses will stand a chance to win Amazon vouchers.#HappyWomensDay!

Posted by Bajaj Allianz Life on Thursday, 7 March 2019

While Franklin Templeton’s #InvestForProgress has hit almost 7k views on YouTube, Bajaj Allianz’s #LifeGoalsSeeNoGender has been viewed by 300 users keeping the buzz on Twitter. Industry experts share their take on the two campaigns.

Experts speak:

Rajni Daswani, Director – Brand Experience & Employee Engagement, SoCheers:
Both the campaigns are set in the right spirit of celebrating the forward women of today, but personally, the Bajaj Allianz campaign strikes the right chord. The video does justice to their campaign #LifeGoalsSeeNoGender where they showcase subtly that women have made it everywhere that men have been. While it does not have great production value, it still resonates better to their campaign through. The Franklin Templeton campaign is shot very well but their campaign #I am Capable of More does not tie back to their video overall. There’s a gap in between & hence it falls short between both the campaigns. 

Pranav Patadia, Founder, Insomniacs:

Franklin Templeton India has done a much better job in terms of the campaign execution. #LifeGoalsSeeNoGender by Bajaj Allianz Life had the potential to make waves across the digital space as a rallying call for all the women who changed the norms in terms of their career preferences, but failed to act on the same.

#InvestForProgress, on the other hand, integrated their message in a very subtle manner where it reaches out to the women of today, i.e. those who are determined to do what they do best, no matter the perceptions that revolve around them in their respective environments. In my opinion, Franklin Templeton India would strike the right chord with the audience. 

Amit Gupta, Managing Partner, Httpool India:  

Though both the campaigns talk about woman accomplishing and making it big in their career, there is a stark difference in the visuals & the approach towards communicating it. To me it is quite obvious that Franklin Templeton has been able to clearly create a storyboard, not undermining the efforts of Bajaj Allianz for appreciating the power of women. Franklin Templeton’s campaign also tries to break certain myths around boardroom, or be it a fitness follower or a housewife who are carrying dual responsibilities, both at their work & home. I really liked the way they have beautifully integrated their product within the entire storyboard.