Facebook redesigns Pages with a neater look

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Facebook Pages

Facebook has rolled out a new page design with two columns instead of three for Facebook Pages. One column holds information about the page and the other shows a feed of recent posts.

In addition to the changes in the columns, content on the pages does not look jumbled with a lot of white space and increased stress on thumbnails.

The scale of the rollout is uncertain and so is the number of pages seeing this change. This news was first reported by CNET.

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Facebook Page, a folio you can create to summon anything you find interesting or want to promote. Changes to the layout or interface may affect the metrics of the page like fan reach, organic reach, clickthrough rate and more.

Content, strategy, engagement and a lot of other factors would affect these metrics but the visual representation of your page is a significant factor too.

Top Facebook pages gain a fair amount of engagement due to Facebook's over 2 billion strong-userbase and the platform's stern grip of Pop Culture. According to statistics by Hootsuite, Facebook has more than 80 million small and medium size business Pages; further, 24.2 per cent of Facebook Pages use Paid Media.

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