#GlobalSamosa: Netflix’s Make Room is all about the power of Originals


Netflix opened the window of opportunities with Netflix Originals for voices that are yet to be heard and stories that are yet to be told and now, they are making room for more. Take a look at the Netflix Make Room campaign. 

Make Room by Netflix in association with the agency Red & Co. directed by Malik Vitthal is a celebration of the diversity that the platform hosts, a declaration that they are making room for more as being different is the thing these stories have in common.

The advert is narrated by Uzo Aduba from Orange is the New Black fame with an appearance from Yalitza Aparicio from Roma that won Oscars for Foreign Language Film, Best Director & Best Cinematography and the stars of Glow.

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Thanks to Netflix Originals, a user sitting in Mumbai, India can watch the real-life stories of a drug kingpin from Medellín, Colombia in the South American continent. Over the years, Netflix Originals has given birth to many of such stories tapping various genres and this is the second time Netflix has chosen to subject their advert on the diversity of its creators and actors. Previously, they came up with A Great Day in Hollywood celebrating black creators and actors on the platform.

Cultural barriers only exist if we build them. While some may look over subjects like race, caste and vernaculars some still choose to build these walls. But, stories penetrate through the thickest of these walls. Regional content doing wonders with international audience has proved it time & again.

Now, it’s time to make room for more.


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