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Identifying the need for women to discuss lesser spoken about topics, without divulging their identities, Momspresso, platform of expression for Moms, has launched Support Groups.

Topics such as financial independence, post-pregnancy weight loss and child care tips are commonly talked about across parenting groups and platforms. However, mothers seldom speak up about issues that truly affect their physical and mental well-being through public domains such as social media platforms.

Momspresso’s new product is aimed at offering women dedicated groups wherein they can discuss specific topics like single motherhood, intimacy and depression without revealing their identities.

Internationally, there are several groups for moms where they can bond with like-minded women, share their problems and offer solutions, all the while remaining anonymous. Through such groups, mothers can create a sisterhood of sorts, a safe space for them to open up about issues important to them. In India, unfortunately, such groups that facilitate anonymous solidarity do not exist. While numerous moms are a part of various groups on social media that discuss common topics related to motherhood, many mothers do not feel comfortable participating due to the fear of being identified and judged by friends or relatives. Through this unique feature where mothers can remain anonymous while discussing intimate issues affecting their lives, Momspresso is ensuring that mother can use the community to seek or share advice without fear of being judged or misunderstood.

Since the launch of support groups in October 2018, in both English and Hindi, the product has witnessed strong traction, with audio comments being a popular feature with users. The Hindi.

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group “Kahein man ki har baat”, has seen the highest engagement with mothers finding the comfort of anonymity to discuss a wide variety of topics. ‘Depression and Anxiety’ is another group that has seen good engagement with mothers discussing pertinent issues such as postpartum depression, healing from anxiety and how to deal with negative emotions. Similarly, the group for ‘divorced and single mums’ allows mothers to open up about the financial, emotional and physical implications of solo parenting.

Currently, Momspresso is eyeing rapid expansion by adding several new products. To oversee its product function, Momspresso has also announced the appointment of Anirudh Agrawal as its Product Head. Anirudh moves to Momspresso from PopXo, where he spearheaded the product. He will play a key in driving Momspresso’s product strategy to achieve its vision of having 70% of all urban Indian mothers use the platform.

Speaking on the launch of Support Groups, Vishal Gupta, Co-founder & CEO of Momspresso said, “Motherhood can be a lonely journey and through this product, we will enable mothers to seek and provide support on a wide range of issues that affect them deeply. With every Support Group, we want mothers to reassure mothers that they are not alone”.

Speaking on the unique concept of anonymous support groups, Shimona Shahi Rana, Chief Content Officer, Momspresso, said, “We have started 23 Groups across English and Hindi, including Divorce and Single Moms, Adoption, Sex & Intimacy, Raising Children with Disabilities, In-laws Stories and New Moms, amongst others. More groups will be added throughout the year. By joining a group, mothers will have easy access to other mothers who are going through the same experiences as them. They can share their experiences, ask and answer questions posed by other moms, create polls on topics which they always wondered about and, most importantly, support each other. The best part is that they can do so anonymously, so more moms will be able to partake in difficult yet important conversations through our platform,” she added.

Since its inception, Momspresso has inspired moms to become the best and happiest versions of themselves. Its rich community of 10,000 mommy bloggers have created more than 80,000 blogs in 8 different languages, covering topics as diverse as pregnancy and baby care, teenage and adolescent issues, beauty, fashion, relationships, healthcare and more. With the launch of Momspresso Groups, the platform is cementing its position as a safe space that connects and supports moms through the journey of motherhood and womanhood. With the collective strength of its 18 million mom community, Momspresso wants moms to know that #YouAreNotAlone.

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