Myntra’s ‘Straight Outta Street’ celebrating street fashion is nothing but Full Power!

Straight Outta Street

For Arif Chaudhary a.k.a B-boy Flying Machine, hailing from Mumbai’s Jogeshwari – 60, street fashion is a very important element of Hip Hop culture. Credited as one of the country’s best B-Boying artist, Chaudhary thinks that it is the funky style wear and quirky sneakers are what keeps him apart from the usual ‘shirt pant pehnnewali public’.

The two and a half minute film supported by an eclectic soundtrack showcases how three individual minds – one mastering a dance form (Arif Chaudhary), other a graffiti artist (Melroy Williams), and a rap crew from Dharavi (7 Bantaiz) – are bound together by street fashion and take pride in adorning the whereabouts in style – converting the street into a ramp.

“Graffiti and Hip Hop are all about breaking the rules and so is the street fashion”, says Williams who believes in revolting against the conventional ways. The film aims to convey how the street has given the gullies of Mumbai a powerful voice of fashion.

In another set of spots, Myntra seeks to transform into an urban dictionary of the street where shoes are not shoes but ‘KICKS’- that too dope, Threadz is slang for clothing and Da Bomb is just fantastic. And we just got acquainted with the alternative tags of the urban street fashion verse. The advert features artists flexing and flaunting their fashion with a dash of street swagger.

Words Straight Outta Street!

You can't be 100% street until you speak street. Earn your street cred with the right street lingo! Shop street-styles here –*Original graffiti work in the video created by Zake Graffiti *#MyntraStraightOuttaStreet #StraightOuttaStreet #MyntraStreetWear #MyntraStreetFashion #MyntraSOS #MyntraWordOnTheStreet #MyntraSneakerClub

Posted by Myntra on Tuesday, 5 March 2019

‘Straight Outta Street’ by Myntra was revealed first as a teaser to the audiences in February followed by a glamorous launch of the digital film- ‘Myntra Unforgettable- Eat.Breathe.Street’. The series was later segmented into spots where individual artists went onto narrate their unforgettable stories with a Style code.

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Myntra STYLE CODE – 400017

A tribute by rap crew 7Bantai'Z to their neighborhood Dharavi – the place that shaped their style. The hip-hop crew gives us the low-down on what makes their multilingual music and style so unique. Check them out!#MyntraStraightOuttaStreet #StraightOuttaStreet #MyntraStyleCode #MyntraStreetWear#MyntraStreetFashion #MyntraSOS #Dharavi17 #MyntraStreetCodes#MyntraSneakerClub #MyntraEatBreatheStreet

Posted by Myntra on Saturday, 23 February 2019

Myntra Style Code – 400060

Jogeshwari 60 in Mumbai, is not just the neighbourhood where Arif aka Bboy Flying Machine grew up but also the area that shaped his attitude and style. Watch as the high flying hip hop artist pays tribute to the hood that keeps him grounded.#MyntraStraightOuttaStreet #StraightOuttaStreet #MyntraStreetWear #MyntraStreetFashion #MyntraSOS #MyntraStreetCodes #MyntraEatBreatheStreet #MyntraStyleCode #MyntraSneakerClub

Posted by Myntra on Sunday, 24 February 2019

In our next feature of Myntra Unforgettables, we have a graffiti artist with a passion for customisation. Here's Melroy who paints his ideas and shares how street styles, hip-hop and graffiti inspire him. Shop graffiti inspired styles – #StraightOuttaStreet #MyntraStreetWear #MyntraStreetFashion #MyntraSOS #MyntraStreetCodes #MyntraEatBreatheStreet #MyntraUnforgettables #MyntraStyleCode

Posted by Myntra on Monday, 25 February 2019

Myntra further hosted a segment, ‘Style Today’ on Channel Zoom where Shikha Koli decoded Bollywood celebrities’ style statement. Do you remember the Deepika Padukone Black on Black look? Definitely one of a kind.

Ranveer Singh – Airport Street Style Looks

Slayin' the airport street style look with swag – check out Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh! #MyntraStraightOuttaStreet #StraightOuttaStreet #MyntraStreetWear #MyntraStreetFashion #MyntraSOS #MyntraStreetCodes #ZoomStyledByMyntra #MyntraStreetSmart

Posted by Myntra on Friday, 1 March 2019

Street Smart – Deepika and Ranveer's street wear decoded

Bollywood's favourite couple definitely know how to rock that street wear. Get fashion inspiration from Ranveer & Deepika and make their look your own. #MyntraStraightOuttaStreet #StraightOuttaStreet #MyntraStreetStyle#MyntraStreetFashion #MyntraStreetSmart #ZoomStyledByMyntra #MyntraSOS

Posted by Myntra on Friday, 22 February 2019

Jacqueline Fernandez's street-style looks

Try some of Jacqueline Fernandez's street-style looks with ease. Watch the video for some super cool fashion inspo.#MyntraStraightOuttaStreet #StraightOuttaStreet #MyntraStreetWear #MyntraStreetFashion #MyntraSOS #MyntraStreetCodes #MyntraStreetSmart #ZoomStyledByMyntra

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Myntra also shared snackible videos with fashion advice like getting your street style right!

How to rock the street style look? Get yourself a pair of printed bomber jackets, tank tops and tracks. Explore similar styles worn by Ranveer Singh here – #StraightOuttaStreet #MyntraStreetWear #MyntraStreetFashion #MyntraSOS #MyntraStreetCodes #MyntraBStreet

Posted by Myntra on Monday, 25 February 2019

The brand also went onto do some celeb trend spotting, like that of Ranveer Singh sporting vibrant street inspired airport look. One of the episodes also saw our Baba winning the Street Style Moment of the day award for his subdued look.

Ranveer Singh – Airport Street Style Looks

Slayin' the airport street style look with swag – check out Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh! #MyntraStraightOuttaStreet #StraightOuttaStreet #MyntraStreetWear #MyntraStreetFashion #MyntraSOS #MyntraStreetCodes #ZoomStyledByMyntra #MyntraStreetSmart

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Fashion being the buzzword that it is, Myntra has managed to carve an exclusive niche for itself through Straight Outta Street. With the increasing popularity of rap and other street arts in the country, Myntra has hit the sweet spot with this campaign.

Keeping it real, entertaining, and engaging, Straight Outta Street changes the face of fashion campaigns.