#GlobalSamosa: Nike Korea's Choose Phenomenal: Today's you is a masterpiece of all your choices

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Nike Korea presents Choose Phenomenal ft. Park Sung-hyun, Golfer; Amber Liu, Singer/Songwriter; Ji So-yun, Soccer Player; Chungha, K-Pop Star; Park Na-rae, Comedian is about overstepping stereotypes.

If you believe in destiny, the events from your future being already decided is a notion about to be shattered by Nike Korea's Choose Phenomenal.

The advert starts off with portraying Doljanchi - a Korean tradition where on the child's first birthday, a range of toys, food and objects such as string, paint or calligraphy brushes, ink and money are placed in front of the child and it is believed that the one the child selects will foretell the child's future.

Since our birth we are oppressed with several perceptions and burdened with decisions that have already been taken for us, by the people around us. Choose Phenomenal, is an urge to make your own choices. Because when you make your own choices, you never know how far they'll take you.

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With an empowering approach, Nike Korea chose to feature some of Korea's most notable women from various fields like Sports, Music, Comedy, etc. to signify the notion that you can choose whatever you want and dump the notions that say you can only make it big if you do this and not that.

In addition to their online campaigns Nike is also doing offline activations like the #PhenomenalChallenge a series of athletic challenges along with music, dance & culture festivals.

P.S. The child chooses a small-sized football at the end of the advert.

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