Snapchat teams up with four IPL teams

Saad Ahmed Shaikh
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Snapchat has teamed up with Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Chennai Super Kings, and Kolkata Knight Riders this IPL season.

The partnership will bring fans at home and in stadium behind-the-scenes updates and the chance to show their support for their favourite team on match days through creative Augmented Reality Lenses, Our Stories and more.

Follow your team

Follow Mumbai Indians @mi_platan, Rajasthan Royals @rajasthanroyals, Chennai Super Kings @yelloveforever and Kolkata Knight Riders @kkrsnaps on Snapchat where they will be posting updates and behind-the-scenes highlights to their Official Account’s Story and opt-in to receive notifications when they post.

In addition, from today CricTracker - the first cricket publisher on the platform - and Sportskeeda will launch on Snapchat’s Discover providing up-to-date news on all things IPL through their own Publisher Stories.

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Get creative

Fans will also be able to celebrate key moments and show their support in creative ways - wearing their teams’ colours with special augmented reality Lenses as well as adding creative touches to their Snaps with a range of custom filters and stickers.

There will also be 'Our Stories' around the opening weekend games in Chennai, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Kolkata celebrating the best submissions from fans across India, with the first going live on March 25th. 'Our Stories' are collections of publicly submitted Snaps from events and locations around the world and curated by editors at Snapchat.

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