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Happiest Minds Technologies

About the tool!

The Platform will be able to say

  • If a photo and its owner belong to a true identity who will be accountable in the court of law
  • If a message gets spread quickly using a photo which is “modified” at least once
  • Provides a repository to keep the coded identity of an image and its owners using Distributed Trusted Ledger technology (Blockchain)

Who founded the product/company?

Subhajit Pathak and Bhaskar Mondal  at Happiest Minds Technologies

What platforms does it cover?

It internally uses image hash embedding, image processing, AI, NLP, Blockchain. It can be associated with Social Media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and also big media houses could use this algorithm through executables or API mechanism.

Features of the tool?

  • Take Photo from an app which has implemented the algorithm which will automatically calculate a mathematical form of the image(hash) and store in Blockchain
  • An image that is already taken can be submitted to the Tool and it will generate hash and store it in BC provided it is never morphed in any way
  • Immutable image copyrighting
  • Stop spreading a rumour in social media if the photo does not belong to the trusted image journal
  • Biometric can be enabled for the 1st time Uploader of the image

What analytics support does the tool provide?

As we are using Blockchain as our one of the major building block, so all the analytics support could be customized based on requirement using the on-chain / off-chain data.

Does it give an option to download reports?


What kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it?

Sentiment analysis is being used for analyzing the impact of a message based on area, trend, and sensitivity of the message. For example, if a message is being forwarded in a very short span of time and majority of people had given angry or sad smiley that may potentially contain some sensitive message which could trigger an untoward event. If it crosses a certain limit based on algorithm predicted sensitivity value, then social media could halt/prevent those message from being forwarded. Whereas if a majority of people had given like or laugh smiley then it could be considered as humor. The tool is getting good accuracy and based on usage the model would learn incrementally.

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What’s the algorithm for sentiment analysis?

Multiple machine learning and statistical methodologies.

What are the brands/agencies that are using this tool?

It can be potentially used by

  • Reputed media house
  • Any organization intending to provide a Trust Solution for photo/image
  • Government intending to tackle Fake News

 Pricing & Packages

Depends on the Model

Road Map

1.0 release in targeted for April, 19. Can be demonstrated now as Proof of Concept

The Team

Subhajit Pathak, Bhaskar Mondal

Are you hiring?

Yes, but for right people

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