Tool Feature: Voiro


About the tool!

Voiro is a revenue management solution for digital media companies. By offering a combination of a seamless workflow automation and an in-depth media analytics solution, Voiro enables publishers to achieve sharper monetization. We are a B2B cloud hosted solution that streamlines workflow, harnesses data and increases efficiency through automation.

Who founded the product/company?

Voiro’s founding team consists of Kavita Shenoy, Anand Gopal, Anil Karat and Jithin George. Kavita, the CEO, spent 15 years in the media industry, first at Lowe Lintas and then at Google, giving her a first-hand understanding of depth of problems faced by the media industry. Anand brings in product and data-science experience, while Anil and Jithin bring in core technology experience. The founding team consists of an combination of domain, data and technology skillsets, the intersection of which can be seen in the product and the way in which the company is structured.

What platforms does it cover?

Voiro is a product that enables deeper collaboration and supports advertising teams across sales, ops and finance as well as offers the C-suite a 360-degree view of their revenue. In bringing multiple teams together in one, seamless workflow, Voiro integrates with a digital publisher’s entire ad-technology stack and hosts bidirectional integrations with platforms such as ad-servers, CMS, CDNs, CRMs and ERP systems.

Features of the tool?

Voiro’s platform spans multiple teams in a publisher’s advertising organization, with a unique and extremely relevant benefit that is tailored to each team.


A CXO’s role is always evolving, defined by vision, credibility, and the ability to influence an organization’s growth in a post digital world. Voiro empowers The C-suite with the right solutions and support to ensure the organization leverages the most from the sales cycle and ad revenues.


Voiro’s solution offers a light-weight, mobile-friendly, integrated CRM solution that offers sales and revenue generating teams a view across the entire ops floor, with real-time views and intelligence from their clientele for both tactical as well as strategic analytics and decision support.

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One of the biggest benefits for an operations team is the automation of reporting, workflows and a sophisticated solution that helps address and mitigate risk, ensuring that no volume of campaigns is too much and can be run by an extremely lean operations team.


From a finance team’s standpoint, Voiro offers an integration with ERP systems and a host of reporting solutions that keep finance teams abreast regarding revenue and billing related information that’s coming their way. With access to a comprehensive revenue reconciliation module, finance teams are empowered with greater control and an automated, completely auditable system.

Does it give an option to download reports?

Yes – reports which can be auto-emailed at pre-defined frequencies, as well as custom reports that can be consumed at will.

Road Map

Our roadmap is all about empowering our users with best-in-class technology and future-ready algorithms. Specifically, in the applying machine learning to drive brand solutions for premium advertisers. Providing deeper reporting capabilities to empower sales conversations. Automating Ad Operations to allow this job role to evolve into a more strategic resource and main stage revenue generating.

Are you hiring?

Voiro has been growing and so is its team. We will be looking at doubling our numbers in the next 12 months. We will be primarily be exploring talent in the space of analytics, data science, team leads. To know more, one can visit.