Twitter’s new prototype Twttr to be used for testing new features

Paawan Sunam
New Update

Twitter rolled out a new prototype app called Twttr that would be used to test new features to a select number of users.

One of the tests on Twttr shows a revamped version of replying thread. It appears less cluttered and better threaded. Replies from the original tweeter are outlined in black and replies from others you follow are outlined in blue. You can also see the original tweet you are replying to, while you reply.

The number of retweets and likes are hidden in the thread view and only appear when tapped. It's unsure why the engagement count was removed from the design but it may be directed towards influencing organic behavior on the platform, in the wake of instances where users are buying engagement.

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The platform is also working on hindrances like replying with just media being hard to select and replies being "too narrow" to read.

In an emailed statement to Buzzfeed, Twitter spokesperson Liz Kelley said, “Public conversation helps the world learn faster, solve common problems, and realize we’re all in this together. We know it could be easier to follow and join conversations on Twitter, so we're openly testing early explorations and with this app and continuing to build Twitter with the people who use it.”

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