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Agency Feature Eggfirst

Who are we?

Eggfirst is a full-service advertising agency with a unique blend of advertising experience and digital expertise. We have over a decade of results-focused deliveries, which has played a substantial role in building over 500 brand success stories across industries via both the traditional & digital Ad platform.

What's in the name?

While generation after generations argue as to what came first, the chicken or the egg, we believe every winning digital strategy starts off from an egg stage. It’s no wonder it is said that a plan needs to be hatched. So, in calling ourselves Eggfirst, we subtly communicate to our audience that our ideas are not the average run-of-the-mill ones which everybody is doing but ideas we conceptualize from their nascency.

The main aspect of calling ourselves Eggfirst is to say that we stick by what we believe and we don’t sit on the fence no matter how much the masses may sway in their perspective of a particular brand, and this is why our tagline is “building beliefs” because our belief in the brands we work with is so firmly established that every communication we publish in the digital or traditional realm, gets more and more people aligning themselves with the brand message till we have covered the whole target group. This kind the alignment we proselytize from our audience is almost like have iron filings line themselves up in a magnetic field and this is why if you ever try and visit a page called Chicken First online you will be redirected to Eggfirst.

Our Team


What we do?

We are a hybrid agency, who have adapted to give our clients a holistic approach to reach their target audience. Also, with 47% of the economy being driven by agriculture, coupled with the fast-changing dynamics of rural India, there is ample scope for brands to succeed here, all you need is the right strategy and communication. At Eggfirst, our ability to understand rural consumers reflects in our creative solutions, which are both engaging & effective. It’s this approach that had bagged us the ACEF 2018 Award for The Most Admired Agency for Rural Marketing.

So, while we remain veterans in the traditional medium of Advertising with our research-led Strategy formulation and campaigns across: TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor and related Activation; we continue to explore every possibility of the digital platform by driving business through social media and other related digital marketing services.

Why we do it?

We at Eggfirst  put a lot of passion into every communication strategy we flesh out and love doing what we do. The creatives we have delivered in the past bears witness to the value we have added to our brand communication, which in turn has helped us forge a strong relationship with our clients over the years. We love these smiles on our customer faces that we bring.

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How we evolve?

The Ad industry is extremely dynamic, like e=mc2 change is the only constant here in this explosive industry. If you want to stay in the business you need to learn to adapt but we didn’t just adapt we led the change, by spearheading digital communication for over 10 years. We set the trends for the others to follow or get left behind.

Social responsibility in social media

On Social Media, we have a strong creative work ethic in place for all our brands, that while keeping with the brand tonality we make sure the brand is always moving in the direction we believe it should be going. Though there is a lot of hard work in terms of research and report study that is required, it certainly pays off in the long run.

Need of the hour

Social networking laws are not properly drafted yet. Things we consider that need to be taken care of from our experience.

We learned the hard way

When you are spearheading MARCOM there is no set of instructions to follow because few have been where we are and the only way to learn is the hard way.

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Did we just share that?

We once did a series of teasers and revealers for a classy Wine brand by using silhouettes of a naked woman’s curves to highlight the sensual appeal of the brand poured into wine glass. This wasn’t just accepted by client but was also nominated by the client for the ABCI Awards.

In another communication we published on social media recently for Retail Motor Brand, portrayed a hand wearing a turquoise stone bracelet on the steering wheel with the copy “Celebrate New Year #BeingSafe”. Our client was happy with this one too, which we posted on New Year’s Eve to urge people to not drink & drive. You might want to note that we undertake these strides of controversial communication without any intent to tarnish anyone & it is by way of constructive controversy that we craft communications for brands that don’t just break the clutter but shatter the glass ceiling.

They work with us

CERA, Star Bazar, Oberoi Mall, Talwalkar’s, Marshals, Wok Express, Knorr, Vim, Jashn, The Mobile Store, Blaupunkt, Tata Indicom… the list goes to over 500.

Industry as we foresee

Currently, what we see in the industry is that long established brands like BABA, Cycle Agarbattis & Rado using the crème de la crème of celebrities to establish their brands; while rapidly growing brands like Manyavar, Oppo & Caprese leverage celebrities who are still seasoning in the limelight and are the favorites of a younger audience. The celebrities have their own fan following on social media, which is usually more than the fan following a brand has. Now, consider that though India has the world’s largest number of Newspaper readership of 3,20,000 with the oldest Newspaper being about 238 years old while 1,67,000 own TVs, the 258 million that is estimated to be on social media by 2019, shows the tremendous potential of digital marketing. So now, when Cristiano Ronaldo with his over 122,000,000 followers shows off his CR7 fragrance with a tagline like My Fragrance Your Game, you can bet that the masses will throng to buy that perfume.

Now in India, there are about 500 million Hindi language Speaker, 125 million English language Speaker & about 700 million speaking 22 other vernacular languages. When you couple this with the fact that the Ad industry is heading in the digital direction, we understand that we can only penetrate the market further by developing ads which makes a brand feel at home with the people. Like the Pepsi #KyuSookheSookheHi campaign, their TVCsS have crossed over 23 million views on YouTube alone. As it is said: with languages you are at home anywhere in the world; so, digital marketing armed with the power of vernacular languages is a formidable #MARCOM tool and this is where we see the Ad industry is headed.  

A day without the Internet

In India, the average time a person spends on his mobile is 2.5 hours, which is more than the time a person spends reading the newspaper or watching TV. So, a day without the Internet, will be more like a communication blackout. Also, the internet allows you to socialize with your circle of friends whom you always cannot have around you, which is why nobody leaves their home without their phone. So, imagine how much more severe will a day without the internet be, people will not know what to do with themselves if that ever happens.

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