Agency Feature: BoostNet


Who are we?

“Good writers define reality; bad ones merely restate it.”

This is where we blow our trumpet and tell you how capable and efficient we are in giving you impeccable content. Our content not just drives your business on the Internet and print platforms, but also recreates a sense of fulfilment in you when you see your brilliant idea — that you have shaped into reality — flourishing.

With a group of seasoned writers on a mission, BoostNet is a team that’s brimming with ideas and creativity. We know that research is the mainstay of all developments taking place in the world today. Each and every sentence that our maverick writers frame is laced with in-depth research, precise information, facts and, yes, beautifully crafted words.

Keeping jargon and redundancy at bay, our business, technical, fashion, travel and academic writers and editors deliver content for your target audience. Scripting only the matter that matters, our avid content writers, who are also avid readers, take a keen interest in understanding your requirements. With a combination of contemporary ideas and linguistic excellence, BoostNet offers flexible and lucrative content solutions.

What’s in the name?

When I was conceptualizing BoostNet and what it will do – It was very clear that we were going to help companies create an active presence on the Internet, and in turn help them get ROI. So, boosting their presence on the ‘net’ and boosting their net worth – Hence, BoostNet looked like the most appropriate combination on words that defined us well.

Our Team


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What we do?

Why we do it?

I was working as Assistant Editor with India Today Group, when I decided to venture out on my own. Writing was my forte, and having helped a couple of start-up entrepreneurs with their content marketing and social media marketing, I could see how this is an opportunity to make a difference and provide a solution to businesses who are looking at making it big on digital platforms. Businesses needed someone who understood trends, could capture those and then create strategies and content to market them on Social Media. My nine-years of strong editorial experience came in handy.

How we evolve?

With each new client, we build a strategy that’s going to work for them ‘today’, and for times to come. Pressing the refresh button on whatever we were doing till yesterday for current clients, a brand new approach is developed that helps us redo our ideas basis the current trends. Not to mention, the team is up-to-date with what’s happening around, the enthusiastic young lot that we are.

Social responsibility in social media

As a matter of policy, for our clients’ platforms, we ensure we do not touch on Religion, Politics and Sex, so that we are not hurting any emotions, and are primarily focused on creating content that will positively engage the target group. Other concerns cited with respect to any brand we work for, are handled with great care and sensitivity, keeping the client in loop.

Need of the hour

We need people to be more sensitive on social media. It needs to reflect how we are in real life. There has to be some censorship body too, howsoever impossible it sounds in Indian-context.

We learned the hard way

  • Client is not always right. And you can’t just do what they want. They hired you as an agency for a purpose; hold that high. Ensure you make sense to them, and drive their thoughts in right direction
  • Keep sex, politics and religion at bay when it comes to creating social media strategy
  • Don’t blindly run after trends.

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They work with us

Lenskart, Taj Hotels, Leela Hotels, MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo, UrbanClap, Ethos Watches, Bagrry’s, EyeQ Vision Hospitals, SOS Children’s Villages Of India, and some more…

Industry as we foresee

Considering the mad rat race right now, we’re all in the run to create viral and engaging content. These are very challenging, yet very exciting times. Each day for each brand starts on a new note. However, we feel the need to create a direction for brands, and overall strategy that could start defining their broad presence on virtual world. Marketers will become smarter and soon realise that only influencers can’t drive opinion.

A day without Internet

Very peaceful… giving an opportunity to reconnect with oneself, which will in turn lead to better ideas for the running projects