Agency Feature: The Brand Story

The Brand Story

Who are we?

A start-up by instinct, we kicked off 2016 on a high note by making entry in the world of hospitality and making our first hospitality brand became the best cocktail bar in Pune as it desired to be.

But being haters of monotony, we ventured out to offering services across sectors.

2017 got us our break through moment as the core design team for Marico (one of the leading FMCG companies) to design packaging for their potential international market.

In 2018, being the hungry breed of doers, we fronted the digital duties for Wipro Lighting as well as partnered with a leading natural sweetener – Swee10 with a pan-India presence. With one monumental affair after the other, the year broadened our reach to horizons previously unexplored.

By the time we got close to completing 3 fruitful years in the business, we boasted a huge client roster of more than 45 clients.

As a team we believe in joining dots and using narrative thinking to unlock powerful creative strategies that create an impact on the brand image which eventually turns into a commercial success story.

Our service driven approach has helped us grow consistently maintaining an ostentatious 98% client retention rate.

Our Core Team

Sunaina Nadkarni
Ashish Hattarki
Radhey Atrawalkar

What’s in the name?

We, at The Brand Story, strongly believe that every brand has a story and we’ll help you pen it and bring it to life. We work dedicatedly to help the clients launch new brands, reinvigorate existing ones, introduce new products, and solve a myriad of strategic challenges to make your brand’s story a page turner that will enthrall, captivate & excite its audience.

What we do?

Brand Audit
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Architecture & Planning
Brand Story
Logo & Identity
Visual Identity Guidelines
Packaging Strategy and Design
Experience / Touch-points Graphics
Corporate Presentations
Marketing Collaterals (Print Outdoor and Digital)
Exhibition Stall Design
Go-to Market Strategy
Product Launch Plan
Campaign Concept Plate
Website Design
Corporate Films/Videos
Social Media
Social media for Brand Influencer Engagement
Social Media for CSR
Social Media for HR
Social Media for Product/Service Promotion
Online Reputation Management
Brand Conversation Analysis

Why we do it?

With everyone eyeing for the biggest of clients, we took it upon ourselves to give justice to start-ups & SMEs, as this sector has immense potential & is challenging enough to not be ignored.

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How we evolve?

The Brand Story has always focused on specialization of fields. We, as a unit, strongly believe in cross channel attribution, integration of service and seeking trusted partners to deliver coherent campaigns.

On the internal side, the employees are helped with developing skill sets within the company to support growth strategies, for both, the employee as well as the organization.

Most importantly our objective has never been to be leaders in what we do, but to always aim at being specialists in what we do and have a proven record for our service driven approach. As Bruce Lee said – “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Social responsibility in social media

A brand’s content on social media is exposed to its audience. We understand what’s at stake since everything is so transparent, that a single mistake might cost the brand heavily.

  1. Being authentic, consistent & credible while executing campaigns is of utmost importance while not ignoring the audience insights.
  2. Keep a track of ROE and not the ROI to help build sustainability of the dialogue that’s happening.
  3. Sell solutions as stories and not outright, in-your-face products/services.

Need of the hour

Social Media influence has increased tremendously over the last few years, giving rise to many other negative complications as well.

The easy accessibility and open-for-all policy of social media has made it very difficult to weed out the harmful aspects – varying from anything defamatory, to some life threatening challenge, to mass killing being broadcasted live.

Stricter law with high degree of content moderation is the way to go.

We learned the hard way

Standardizing a process is crucial to a business. We have created an internal process to reduce the clutter amidst the chaotic world of communication and there is no better way than building a story as stories are the most powerful form of communication.

Plan-Pilot-Learn-Repeat is our mantra and we approach our work with the goal of creating a connected brand experience.

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They work with us

Wipro Lighting
Glazium Facades Pvt. Ltd.
Leo & Gang
Just Casuals
Modern Montessori International – London
Inscape Co-Work
and many more.

Industry as we foresee

Indian Social Media industry is going to expand beyond imagination. With the rise in eidetic demands as well as shorter attention span, the comparatively newer entrants in the scene – Instagram & YouTube, have already started taking the helm in any social media marketing strategy. With more & more people migrating to these platforms, it’ll be a challenge to tap into the interest of the audience while being in coherence with the brand’s communication.

A day without Internet

Might as well go back to the stone ages and send messages via pigeons.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Our doors are always open for the hardworking marketing enthusiasts.