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With an aim to own the web culture of cool brands on the Indian internet, Aakash Shah, former Social Media Head at All India Bakchod, has donned the entrepreneur hat to launch his agency called, One Hand Clap, where content creators will work in direct coalition with businesses. Members of AIB's social media team will helm key positions at One Hand Clap.

The newly formed team comprises of  AIB’s social media team members occupying key positions. The firm is also on a lookout for a bunch of talent for key as well as associate positions.

“It was a collective decision to stick together rather than part ways and work elsewhere,” shared Shah. All India Bakchod (AIB) is currently inactive after being embroiled in the #MeToo movement.

Cut to the launch of One Hand Clap by Shah, he clarified that it is not a digital agency. “There are brands that don't even require a social presence and can still make noise on social. Our job is to honestly tell what they must and must not do. Also, the sheer connect with nerves of people and what they are talking about is another differentiating factor. It's a win-win situation for both - the audience as well as the brands.”

Primarily, One Hand Clap seeks to remove all the inefficiencies that usually plague traditional marketing agencies and begin informal conversations directly with brands about what they can achieve on social media and otherwise which also stands as it’s USP.

So, what actually prompted Shah to start the venture? Promptly came the reply, “I was bored to death to see the same old strategies being offered by agencies that would add zero value to brand's growth or voice. It's hilarious how most agencies charge money to just post stuff on social media that is viewed by two people (one who designed it and the one who posted it).”

He continued, "I went to the Himalayas on a quest for answers about the world and myself. Baths in freezing Himalayan waters and life with Sadhus taught me how to change the game. That's when it all changed. I returned home with clarity and a guiding force to lead the way."

Shah shared that it is the story behind the inception of One Hand Clap he would like to tell. But the actual story was something like -

"Yaar yeh log kya kar rahe hai?"

"Itna problem hai toh khud hi jaake kar le?"

"Haan theek hai, chalo! Karte hai."

Shedding some light on the name-game for the agency, he further revealed, "I can clap with one hand. Yes, that's literally it. It was just an inside joke that has now been taken too far, very evidently.”

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According to Shah’s expert analysis, "Bahut maza aane wala hai" when quizzed about the digital marketing sentiments with the onset of big-ticket events like IPL, General Elections, and World Cup.

What we are doing as of now is creating immense value for other brands,” claims Shah. One Hand Clap would want to create the same value for something of it’s own. “At heart, we are all creators and that's what we will be - 5 years from now; 50 years from now. One thing we will never compromise on is our ability to create; brands who put trust in us must and will get the best unique value proposition for their growth and voice,” Shah signed off.

P.S. While Shah is of the view that only the Founders and Co-founders should be able to comment on the future of AIB, One Hand Clap would love to collaborate with them on certain projects if they make a comeback.

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