Election Tracker 2019: BJP v/s Congress - The social media race

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Election Tracker 2019

With BJP in lead at the moment, both the political parties are leveraging social as an official mouthpiece. Election Tracker 2019, takes a look at the social media statistics for the same.

How different are General Elections 2019 from that held in 2014? Well, for one, Abki Baar Modi Sarkar isn’t the slogan, and second, digital marketing this time around is far more evolved. The basic distinction between BJP and Congress’ official social media channels would be the language of choice (with BJP consistently using Hindi in the devnagri script).

Social Samosa in association with Talkwalker, takes a look at a comparative analysis between BJP & Congress’ social media strategy. The data analyzed is from April 1 to April 16, 2019.

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Number of times BJP logo was used in a video: 252.5k

Number of times INC logo was used in a video: 38.1K




BJP v/s Congress on Twitter overtime

BJP: 2.4 Million mentions

Congress: 1.8 Million

Audience Activity


Audience Activity on Twitter

BJP v/s Congress Share of Voice Twitter

Number of Followers

BJP: 10.9 M

Congress: 5.1 M

Follower Growth




BJP v/s Congress Facebook mentions

BJP: 274.3k mentions

Congress: 345.3k Mentions

Engagement Rate


BJP v/s Congress Engagement Rate on Facebook

BJP leads, and there is a clear spike between 7-8




BJP v/s Congress Followers on Facebook

BJP: 15.8M

Congress: 5.3 M

Data for the tracker has been shared by Talkwalker.


Talkwalker is merely a social listening tool and has been used to measure the social accounts of the two political parties, all views expressed in the post are independent of Talkwalker.

This is a data backed article and Social Samosa doesn't endorse any opinions or political parties whatsoever.

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