How to create 3D Posts on Facebook with it’s new features?


Facebook is launching three new features: 3D Photos in Stories, 3D Photos Creation on the Web & 3D Photos Creation on Android to grow the product.

You can now share 3D Photos in Stories. To post your 3D photo to Facebook Stories, upload them through the News Feed as you do with 3D photos today. After you press the share button, you’ll see an option to share on either News Feed or your Story. You’ll be able to see who has viewed, reacted to, and responded to your story, like the usual.

An ability to post 3D photos from the web, on your computer has also been announced. The feature is designed for custom art creation or images taken in landscape mode.


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Follow these steps to use the feature:

-You’ll need two (2) files for this to work: an image and a depth map, either in .png or .jpg format.

-File names matter! Make sure the depth map has _depth appended to the file name. For example: myImage.png + myImage_depth.png would be what your two files might be named to use this flow.

-While the aspect ratio of your depth map and your image must match, they don’t need to be the same resolution.

-As shown below, to create a 3D photo from the web, drag an image and its depth map and drop them into the composer:


Example of a creation:


Creating & sharing 3D Photos on Android will begin rolling out next month. The roll-out will start with Samsung Galaxy devices with dual cameras or Portrait mode. Supported models will include: Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy Fold.


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