Facebook tests integrating Stories and News Feed into one swipeable feed

Facebook Swipeable Feed

Facebook is testing a new UI, wherein Stories and Posts are fused in one feed, where instead of scrolling you’d swipe through the posts.

The feed would also show sponsored posts like the regular feed. Jane Munchon Wong, Reverse-Engineer mentioned teh timer in the UI won’t pause while readig a post, one post lasts six seconds.

The feature is not being publicly tested. A Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch, “We are currently not testing this publicly”. The UI is at a very early stage of prototyping.

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The hybrid of Stories, Posts and Sponsored Posts into one feed may not be well received by the users due to it’s cluttered nature. Although, it also may be well-received as running through Facebook would literally take no efforts, with everything at one spot.

Additionally, Facebook also announced new brand safety controls for advertisers. Facebook is keeping the community safe by taking down bad content, it claims, over 95% of content that they remove across fake accounts, spam, terrorist propaganda, adult nudity and violent content is detected by their AI systems before anyone reports it to them.

The platform, has also introduced filters for advertisers, for them to choose where their ads appear and what content are their ads associated with.This filter applies to ads delivered within Instant Articles, Audience Network and Facebook in-stream video.

Advertisers have these three options:

Limited inventory offers maximum protection, similar to the opt-in category exclusions available.

Standard inventory provides moderate protection and is the default choice when placing ads. This is the same as no category exclusions.

Full inventory selects minimal protection and ads may be delivered to all eligible content.