KPMG certified Publicis Communications and Publicis Media celebrate leadership pay diversity with #EqualPay

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Leo Burnett India rolled out #EqualPay after Publicis Communications and Publicis Media got certified as equal pay organizations by KPMG.

Srija or Srijit, Saurabh or Sheryl, Tanmay or Tanya - Publicis Communications and Publicis Media India sees no gender and all are equal in the organizations’ eyes- formed the context for the latest campaign by Leo Burnett India called #EqualPay where it boasts of Publicis Communications India & Publicis Media India being certified equal pay organizations by KPMG.

There was a lot of talk around leadership diversity, pay gaps across different industries against equality credentials during women’s day and is a much-discussed topic globally too. Publicis brought KPMG on board to know where it stood on this ground.

Followed by which KPMG conducted an independent third party study for Publicis Communications and Public Media in India - it took two and a half weeks for them to prepare the report and the two organizations were certified as an Equal Pay organization. Equal pay for equal work is the concept of labor rights that individuals in the same workplace should be given equal pay and is most commonly used in the context of sexual discrimination, in relation to the gender pay gap.

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Publicis Communications and Public Media celebrated the much-touted certification with a fun and quirky social media campaign and also extended to Out-Of-Home. The campaign features top executives in drag trying out some role reversal antics.

Campaign Credits:

Managing Director, India & CCO, South Asia, Leo Burnett: Rajdeepak Das

NCD: Vikram Pandey

Creative Team: Tinna Rajput, Sonal Chhajerh,  Kristoff Oliveira, Neel Roy

Management Team: Rohan Mitra ,Myra Fernandes

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