The Mahindra XUV300 turns road scorcher in its music video with Badshah!


The XUV300 is a potent combination of cheetah-inspired style and breath-taking performance. Armed with free-flowing torque and nimble-footed maneuverability, the sheer joy of driving this SUV kicks in the moment you step on the pedal. This feeling has been captured in its entirety in this video which pairs the XUV300 that sets the roads on fire with a musician who sets the charts on fire – Badshah! The rap star has composed a signature catchy song, and was joined by popular YouTube choreographer and dancer Sonal Devraj in this music video. With funky beats, lots of b-boyers and impressive car moves, this video looks all set to grab a whole lot of eyeballs.

Speaking on this campaign, Shormistha Mukherjee, Director, Flying Cursor, says: “We were looking to break the notion that digital is just about topical days & emotional storytelling, and give the consumer something that actually entertains them and yet ties back strongly with the brand. The key idea behind this music video was to create content that would break the clutter yet resonate with our target audience. Badshah has a unique style and is hugely popular among the youth for his catchy lyrics.

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The plan was to leave viewers with something memorable…something they will think of or hum even after they have closed their browser or when they go to sleep. Hence, the decision to make a music video. And when it came to creating the pumping, catchy track that’s the heart of this campaign, we couldn’t think of anyone but Badshah to make it happen!