5 tips to kill it on IGTV, the traditional way

IGTV tips

IGTV is unique for its vertical stance, but there are plenty of traditional ways you can entwine in to kill it on the platform

When it comes to editing and the visual arts, there are some long-standing rules that are followed without fuss, in good faith.

While there might not be hard and fast numbers to substantiate the growing importance of IGTV, Instagram’s efforts to make it a go-to video platform should be proof enough.

In one of the recent updates, Instagram made IGTV promos a part of the main feed. As vertical videos grow, IGTV is the perfect platform to create snackible content for appointment viewing that in turn helps build a loyal and engaged community.

Here are a few things to brush up your skills as you sit down planning your next video for IGTV. Basics never hurt anyone, right?

Make your work inclusive, put in captions

Inclusivity is key, no matter what you chose to communicate, how, and where. Adding captions to your video can make it inclusive for all, irrespective of which tongue they are familiar with. It also increases your chance to reach out to a bigger, global audience.

Be vigilant about timeframes and space

Though IGTV gives you plenty space to tell bigger stories, sometimes its the shorter ones that actually work best. Just because you have more time at hand, doesn’t mean you have to use it. Shorter, crisper videos can do wonders as long as they do justice to the matter at hand.

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Don’t upload purely raw live footage

While live videos are all the rage when it comes to getting the attention of your followers, there is a magic of a different kind in recording the footage, editing it a bit for clarity and then putting it up on IGTV. This will help you not only ensure better quality but also add a timelessness to the piece.

Remember, IGTV is the place where you build appointment viewing with quality content.

Make your viewers feel heard, important

There is nothing like making your viewers feel heard and important. Perhaps the best way is to address them and answer their queries. This is something we have been seeing since the times of Sanjeev Kapoor on Zee TV, a basic courtesy that helps convert consumers into a community!

Own the space, use graphics, be creative

Using logos and peripheral text in a video can help viewers ascertain if they want to spend the next few minutes consuming what you have on offer. Here, you can put to use all the knowledge you have gained from watching television news — they have seconds for beckoning viewers, so do you.