Platform Feature: Blued


About the Platform.

Blued is a gay social network app globally. Founded by Ma Baoli (Geng Le), the app was launched in 2012 and now counts 40 million users globally. The application is available on Android and iOS. Blued has features like nearby profiles, live broadcasting, a post timeline, and group conversations. Blued is not only a dating application but also a social network for all GBTQIA population of the world. Blued has around 500+ employees across the globe, India team comprises of Country Manager – Yu Jun, Marketing Director – Sanyam Sharma & CSR Manager – Palash Borah.

Whom do we cater to?

Blued target group is the entire GBTQ population of the world, with it’s largest user base in China, Taiwan, Korea and India.

What do we offer to our consumers?

Blued is not only a dating app but a social platform specifically made for GBTQ people. Our users can share their day to day activities as feed & follow the people they like. They can also meet nearby people as prospective dates or do any live shows using our live stream feature to earn coins which they can encash later.

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What motivated us to start up?

Geng lee is a former policeman-turned-tech entrepreneur who had to leave the force after his superiors found out that he was running, a popular online gay discussion forum in China. He is a proud gay man who decided to invest into a mobile app, made for gay people across the world.

What’s in a name?

Blued represents the clear sky which is often denoted as symbol of purity. Also LGBTQIA population, is globally acknowledged by rainbow colors and when rainbow meets clear blue sky it looks breathtakingly beautiful & unique in it’s own way.

How do we see Social Media?

Social media is a complex beast, from day to day algorithm changes to new platforms trying to penetrate in the market. We have seen Instagram is one of the best platform which should be utilized with craft and marketing skills. Visual graphics and content is a key to success and discoverability.

Currently we are….

Currently we are increasingly growing our presence in India. Since the time we have started operations in India, we have grown tremendously. We have 10 people on board and over 100 people who are actively helping us moderate content that goes out on the app. We have carried out multiple campaigns to help, educate and grow the LGBTQI as well as the general masses on LGBTQI rights.

We have done over 2 campaigns since last year –

  1. #whatsnext377 campaign
  2. Holi Campaign – #RangDeBluedSe campaign

There’s ongoing movie making competition that we are holding which let’s people voice their opinion on this subject.

As far as the user base is concerned, we have grown over 100% q-o-q and looking at building a stronger social network for the gay community.

Our biggest challenge was..

Since we are in social and dating category, the biggest challenge is to find the correct audience which is quite niche when it comes to the GBTQ community in India. We are trying different strategies to overcome these challenges.

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We want to dominate the world by..

By providing the voice and platform to the gay community, we want the voices and talent to be visible in the world and become the only gay social platform available in social and dating space.

We’re making moolah by…

We have in- app purchase model where our users can buy coins and gift them as beans to their favorite live streamers. The hosts can earn beans and encash those coins as a constant revenue stream for themselves.

Our What The **** Moment

Not any as of now.

Industry as we foresee

Over the years, more and more visual content platforms evolving into social space. We are a gay social app where our users can share their day to day life as a stream of content and go live and showcase their talent. Content is still the king and it is taking shape from text to visuals to video.

Lastly, Are you hiring?

Currently, we are hiring for graphic designer to join our team