Twitter is testing labels for conversation threads: author, mentioned, and following

Paawan Sunam
New Update

Twitter wants it to be easy to follow or join conversations on the platform and is therefore testing labels on conversation threads.

These labels would indicate when the 'author' of the tweet, the 'mentioned' user, or a person you are following replies on the thread of the conversation.

This may Twitter's way to cut down on spam and to keep the threads in order and organised.

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Few users seem to agree, although majority of the users claim that it makes the threads more cluttered and distracting. Most of the users just want an 'edit' button, allowing them to make changes to their published tweets.


Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twitter in an interview with Joe Rogan stated that Twitter may come up with the option of editing a tweet. Although, there have been no updates on this feature since.

Dorsey also mentioned at an event for Goldman Sachs in San Francisco that Twitter is contemplating about a clarification option for tweets.

Twitter has been inclined on improving conversations, and therefore keeps testing and tweaking features. The platform was testing a “subscribe to conversation” button to keep track of a conversation you are interested in, without liking or replying to that tweet or thread.

Besides, they were also testing 'Hide Replies', that would let you hide certain replies on your tweet, while also giving you the option to view hidden replies.

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