[Download] 5 ways to win like Amazon on social: Talkwalker Report

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How can you make your customer journey simpler? According to the Talkwalker report, Amazon is already carrying it off like a pro on social.

Social Media Marketing is an art and for someone to ace the social media game requires a relevant strategy. While it is said that social media ROI is a pretty difficult metric to cope with, social media, sans doubt, definitely bridges the gap between the brand and it’s consumers effectively- only if the brand does it the right way.

That said, e-commerce giant Amazon has been winning the social sphere going beyond its profiles and making it’s consumer journey simpler step by step. Amazon has aptly understood and has been skillfully executing the marketing fundamentals while also building its social profile.

From building it’s own tribe for addressing the needs of its target audience to closely monitoring it’s social media channels while also keeping an eye on the competitor’s to adopting different communication layers at different levels of the consumer journey to identifying the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’, Amazon has been tracking the consumer activity and their thought process to get the moolah coming in by keeping personalization at scale.

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To further deep dive into how Amazon is winning on social download this report from Talkwalker.

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