Agency Feature: AdEngage


Who are we?

Incorporated in 2010, AdEngage is an award-winning digital-first marketing company specialized in business transformation through high-performance Digital Branding and Marketing.

What’s in the name?

We desired one short name which can convey both advertising and engagement and we came up with the name AdEngage.

What we do?

We provide great brand experiences across digital platforms that impacts sale and delivers positive ROI. Our overall marketing and advertisement umbrella covers everything starting from Digital Marketing services like SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, Digital Advertising, Digital Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Digital Media Planning and Buying and PR.

We use some of the most advanced tools for SEO, Design, Product packaging, Analytics, A/B testing, UI/UX testing and, reputation and lead management in line with the global industry trends and standards.

Why we do it?

We love the internet and everything associated with it. With Ai, AR, Automation, VR strengthening their position in the market, we’re excited to execute creative campaigns using the latest tech to ensure an exciting 360 experience to potential prospects and customers of our clients.

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How we evolve?

The principle of our Social Media campaigns is to ensure the right balance between creative approaches with hardcore Sales objective. Both creativity and ROI from digital marketing goes hand in hand for us; which has helped us evolve since 2010.

Next in line is the use of Ai, AR and VR through offline-online integrated campaigns. We’re so excited!

Social responsibility in social media

Digital companies who are always in search for alarming content should understand there is more room for original thoughts and a bigger responsibility towards maintaining peace.

Need of the hour

Brands and Agencies should stop the use of bots. Good content is required for growing legit followers on social media. Agencies should put out engaging content to ensure people interact with them on regular basis.

We learned the hard way

What sounds like a big marketing platform or tool today may not make sense in the long run. Spend wisely.

Did we just share that?

Once upon a time, one of our clients had asked us to create an Independence Day greeting on republic day, and the funny part was that he was consistent about it throughout his conversation through WhatsApp, Mail and Call. On mail he even had his Director in CC. Only when we gave him the right creative he realized what his mistake was, eventually we laughed it off, but never heard from that representative again. Its life after-all, it happens. Haha!

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They work with us

AdEngage works with some of the industry leaders, namely.

1) Speedjet Aviation Academy

2) Pop Tate’s

3) Urban Tadka

4) Fern Hotels & Resorts

5) Beacon Hotels

6) Angrezi Dhaba

7) Career Launcher

8) Blue Bird Foods India

9) Maxus Mall and Cinemas, and more

Industry as we foresee.  

Entire team along with the management believes that the Digital Marketing Industry in India is yet to attend its full potential as one of the mainstream marketing and sales platform. As the industry was settling for Videos; increase in popularity of Ai, AR and VR has made it necessary for the marketing industry to adapt and acknowledge the change and come up with experiences that consumers will love.  The way brands communicate with their consumers will change and more real-time, personalized and engagement focused conversations will be appreciated on Digital Platforms.

A day without Internet

Are we serious here?

Lastly, are you hiring?

If you think you can sell, then we have the most happening job and workplace  you always desired. Added bonus, if you’re a graduate and passionate about Creativity, Ads, Designs and content, you can mail us your CV at