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One PR

Who are we?

One PR is a Public Relations & Design firm. One PR combines a host of media to find the right promotional solution for you to reach out to the right target group. We specialize in PR and Social Media for Brands, Events and PR paradigms, our extensive Public Relations Services are made to suit the aspirations of the business and the client. The Firm presents a unique blend of the domain; knowledge combined with communication expertise. The reason for the Agency’s success is simple:  clear, focus, specialized teams and strategic orientation to Public Relations.

What's in the name?

One actually comes from an idea of standing out. It’s more like “the one” standing out from the rest. And PR is all about how you differentiate your client from the rest in the market to help them to be striking in their own field.

What we do?

One PR has emerged as a leading PR Consultancy in providing strategic planning to editorial services, Media Relations, Consulting, Strategy, and Execution. This includes an amalgamation of all communication tools and media services in the area of Public Relations and Social Media. Our Services include Brand and Product Launches, Media Strategy & Management, Brand Positioning, Content Development, Media Placement and Syndication, Blogger & Media Collaborations, Celebrity Styling & Gifting, Social Media Marketing.

Why we do it?

We work closely with Emerging as well as Established brands, to help them achieve the kind of branding that they are looking at through the right media channels. Our Idea is also to brief the brands on the importance of PR and Social Media for their brand and share with them a structured result oriented plan according to their requirements.

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How we evolve?

We use an integrated mix of public relations and social media marketing to earn Clients impactful results. We focus more on the client’s requirements and listen to their vision of the brand and accordingly plan and execute ideas to help them attain their goals. We give our clients access to the thinking, detailing and analyzing. For that reason, we invest considerable time and effort on planning and execution. We try our best to get across the business message and propaganda to the media with clear reasoning and understanding

Social responsibility in social media

Social Media is being used widely by almost everyone to read and absorb as much information whether it is to connect with Companies, Colleagues etc. So, it is extremely important to be responsible when it comes to Social Media, as there is so much freedom in writing and posting information without filtering, that it is essential to have the facts right and disseminate information that is authentic and credible.

Need of the hour

Self-Regulation and Social Networking Laws need to be properly drafted for a better User Experience. And it is important to know the right media tools that fit your business the best.

We learned the hard way

Founder One PR Joshika Kapoor Piplani says “With starting your own Venture comes a lot of challenges. Starting with selecting the right team and hoping to work with the right Clientele. You sure will be giving your inputs but it is important to work as a team with your Client as client satisfaction always remains the primary concern. Also, the sense of achievement that comes with doing your own work makes it worth it, and We have been fortunate enough to get work through word of mouth recommendations but the real challenge that always remains is retaining them and that’s what we thrive on”.

Did we just share that?

Sometimes explaining the way PR works can be challenging like trying to explain the placement and size of Coverages. One of the Clients asked “Why are all the Coverages not of the same size, wish We could control that. We had to explain to them that PR works differently as compared to Advertisements since advertisements can be designed and placed just as you want it. So, every day is a new learning experience.

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They work with us

We have had the opportunity to handle some great accounts like Electrolux, Gaia, Faber, Frazer and Haws, Colormate, OCM ,Alchemlife, Epique,Centre for Sight, Hilton Hotels etc

Industry as we foresee

The PR industry is always evolving and with the existence of  Social Media, PR Pros can tweak their ideas and plans and reach more people and they also have closer access to the journalists through various social media channels. Also, Online Media is sort after among the Clients, but they clearly do understand that Traditional Media is equally important. PR & Social Media is a perfect amalgamation for brand awareness.

A day without Internet

Aah We would like to say Blissful, but eventually chaotic and monotonous since the truth is we are so dependent on internet for work and leisure, that it definitely wouldn’t be easy.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, We are hiring PR Executives and Content Writers. Get in touch with us on

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