Campaign Face Off: Reliance Mutual Funds’ #ThankYouMoms’ v/s SBI Life Insurance's #MummyKahanHain

Sneha Yadav
May 14, 2019 02:31 IST
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Mother's Day campaigns

From breaking stereotypes to emulating the selfless motherly love, SBI Life Insurance and Reliance Mutual Fund's Mother's Day campaigns are full of love and warmth. In this Mother's Day campaign face off, Experts share which narrative surpassed the cliche thought process.

Mothers have a Universal appeal. They are there- in our good and bad times, challenging and joyous times holding our hands and inspiring us at every step of the life ladder we aim to climb. On May 12, the whole world celebrated  Mother’s Day with great pride and cheery mood. Amidst the fun and jazz, the ad world was not behind in celebrating Motherhood the way it deserves.

Two BFSI brands, SBI Life Insurance and Reliance Mutual Funds joined the revelry by weaving two different narratives revolving mothers in their respective campaigns for the special occasion.

SBI Life Insurance's #MummyKahanHain- A tribute to motherhood

In our life, the person we look up to the most is our mother. Whether it is a problem to solve or news to share, we invariably end up asking, ‘Mummy Kahan Hain’. Fortunate are those who have a loving mother to respond to their question, #MummyKahanHain. But there are some children who grow up without ever feeling a Mother's love.

With today's growing concern of abandoned children, SBI Life through their heart-warming video titled #MummyKahanHain has showcased one such Mother who has nurtured the lives of 22 such children. The campaign pays an ode to Mothers of ‘SOS Children’s Villages of India’ who are trained professionally to take care of abandoned and parentless children and raise them as their own. The two and a half minute film, executed by WATConsult,  takes the audience on the journey of one such SOS Mother and the impact she’s had on the lives of 22 children under her love and care.

Reliance Mutual Funds’ ‘Thank You Moms’

Reliance Mutual Fund’s ‘Thank You Moms’ celebrated Mothers as harbingers of the ‘Investing Habit’ in children this Mother’s Day. While typically, fathers are seen to be the repository of financial wisdom, this pathbreaking campaign shows a single mother inculcating the investing habit in her son right from his first salary.

DViO Digital conceptualized the entire campaign, pillared on the emerging trend of women being more and more aware and confident of taking charge of their financial destiny and also being at the forefront of inculcating the responsibility towards saving and investing in their children. The objective of this campaign is two-fold: the primary one is recognizing and celebrating the role being played by mothers in making children financially responsible and the secondary one is encouraging savings and investment amongst the current generations, so that they may not have to face financial hardships that their parents went through.

Social Media Buzz

While SBI Life Insurance's #MummyKahanHai garnered 1 million views on the platform, Reliance Mutual Funds' 'Thank You Moms' has 181k views.

SBI also created a contest for its consumers asking them to comment that one song that reminds them of a moment where the mother stood by them when they needed her the most.

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Apart from the campaign, there was a an influencer marketing activity was also carried out by the company.

On the other hand, Reliance Mutual Funds limited itself to the ad film and promoted it through its social media handles.

Both the companies are catering to a similar set of target audience with campaigns spelling different stories. Experts dig out their favourite...

Experts Speak:


Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO, Mirum

Both of the films, while touching the subject of the mother, operate at different levels.

While the SOS Mothers film from SBI Life is a purely human interest story and will touch people's hearts more, there is no immediate connection with the offerings of the brand. So while the story is more endearing, for its substance (and indeed, it is based on facts!), the brand is clearly not looking to achieve any immediate impact for its offerings. It is a nice feel-good film.

The one from Reliance Mutual Fund is intended to bring the context of the product offerings, and indeed, the brand itself, in the story. While it touches the interesting angle of an investment-oriented single mother and perhaps serves the brand's purpose, like storytelling, it is a little less convincing than the SOS Mothers' one. The mother also looks a bit too young! But as the film is more direct in connecting to the product and the brand, it may deliver some real value in terms of results, for the brand. Unlike in the case of SBI Life.


Deep Mehta, Co-Founder, Digichefs

SBI Life Insurance's campaign definitely rings a louder "Happy Mother's Day".

And of course, that's because they choose a social awareness topic as compared to Reliance MF which chose product integration within the communication of the video.

By bringing the topic of SOS mothers, SBI definitely brings a fresh narrative in the social campaigns on mother's day and a heartfelt admiration to these SOS mothers. The campaign points to the inexplicable emotion of a parent-less kid and the poetry stitches storyline of the visuals quite well.

On the other hand, the Reliance MF campaign looks artificial in the first look, a lengthy communication with unnecessary dramatic dialogues seem a bit pushy in the setting of the dinner table. A subtler product integration could have done the trick for Reliance MF campaign, given that the underlying context was an important one - a single mother encouraging early investments for her child for a safer settled future.

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