Case Study: How Shoppers Stop garnered 20K+ product visualizations without paid promotion

Facebook AR Campaign Case Study

Facebook AR Campaign Case Study shows how Shoppers Stop developed an in-store AR activity on Facebook to generate hype around the product

Brand Introduction

Shoppers Stop Ltd. is a leading fashion and beauty destination with over 27 years of retail experience in India. In 1994, Shoppers Stop launched a first-of-its-kind loyalty program – ‘First Citizen’ offering the Indian consumer a host of exclusive benefits and privileges. Today, the First Citizen loyalty program is one of the most successful programs with over 5.9 million+ customers driving 75% of sales.

Marketing objective from Social Media

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are huge names on Instagram and are well known for their range of handbags, accessories, and makeup products.

Considering this is the first time they came to India with their handbags, the brand wanted to create an equally “wow-some” experience for all our customers.


Shoppers Stop developed the World’s first use case for an in-store AR activity on Facebook to generate hype around the exclusive launch of KENDALL + KYLIE Handbags in India.

Problem Statement/Objective

The objective of this activity was to provide an engaging experience to Shoppers Stop’s customers to impact the launch of KENDALL + KYLIE Handbags. The activity was designed to attract new age audience and millennials and enable an enriching shopping experience at Shoppers Stop


Generate hype around the launch of KENDALL + KYLIE Handbags to drive store footfalls

Creative Idea –

Create an exact virtual replica of one of the Kendall + Kylie bags and get users to post it on social media to generate awareness.


  1. Required an AR platform in the user’s phone
  2. Required a way to trigger the lens
  3. Required user to share photos on Instagram


Shoppers Stop devised a bag hunt across 15 Shoppers Stop stores across India.

The brand targeted shoppers in the catchment area by announcing the presence of an unclaimed KENDALL + KYLIE Bag somewhere inside the store, and a chance to claim it, with the only catch being that the bag was in fact, not real! Users were asked to locate the bag and claim it by posing with the virtual bag and sharing their image/video on Instagram using #UnclaimedBagAtSS.

The AR effect, developed for Shoppers Stop by Attero Labs, was specifically designed on Facebook’s Spark AR because:

  • Most users already have Facebook installed on their phones
  • Users are already well versed with the AR technology used for face filters on Facebook and Instagram
  • No external app development required – saved time and development cost for a new app
  • Could easily measure social footprint through Newsfeed and Stories Impressions

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Social Media:

Shoppers Stop further pushed this activity by leveraging Facebook and Instagram’s geo-targeted ads to attract shoppers in catchment areas, thus driving footfall. Shoppers Stop further roped in nano-influencers to talk about the activity and post the wide bag range of bags.

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The brand also created organic buzz by publishing content on all the social media channels resulting in good engagements


Through this activity, Shoppers Stop garnered the following results within 2 weekends:

  • Garnered over 20K product visualizations without any paid promotion of the lens
  • Over 30% of the users participated in the activity resulting in an estimated organic reach of 70K, all at virtually no cost
  • Sale of units grew by 3X in week #2 post the introduction of the activity and remained at 2X (as compared to week 1) until the activity was live.

Users across age groups were pleasantly surprised with the activity and proactively participated in the bag hunt.

CMO Quotes, Uma Talreja, Customer Care Associate, Chief of Marketing and Customer Officer, Shoppers Stop Ltd. said, “We deployed world’s first in-store Augmented Reality activation using Facebook’s Spark AR (FB lens) to launch the KENDALL+KYLIE designer handbag collection exclusively in-store. It’s an AR activity where the customer is in the real world, but the bag is virtual. We had a lot of influencers come in and pose with the bag. This is the kind of innovation that would make sense for the product because the audience is very new age. we wanted to make sure it is matched with an appropriate innovation to match the aura of global fashion icons Kendall and Kylie Jenner who have a combined social following of more than 200+ million fans on Instagram.”

“The millennial generation is who we want to influence now at Shoppers Stop. What we are trying to do is be increasingly, more contextual to what’s happening in customers’ lives and their environment and reach new audiences and therefore, change the perception of Shopper’s Stop from being for the parents and the slightly older crowd,” she adds.