Case Study: How Shaadi.Com’s #WohEkBaat reached 1.4mn Instagrammers on Valentine's Day...

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The case study decodes Shaadi.Com Valentines Day Campaign, understanding how the brand re-targeted the data garnered through the success stories created over the years...

Brand Introduction is a social networking site specialising in matchmaking, that has touched more than 35 million lives by differentiating itself from other matrimonials through its innovation-led approach.


A relationship is built on shared experiences and love. For Valentine’s Day in 2019, launched an Instagram-focused campaign driven by influencers who celebrated the love that a couple shares for an experience, their #WohEkBaat which brought them together.



Valentine’s Day is special for because it celebrates the very essence of love! During this time of the year, they try to drive social conversations around the journey of a couple in finding love. This year, they wanted to pick a moment from a couple’s journey in finding love and drive the conversations while also celebrating their milestone of 6 Million Success Stories.


The objective was to showcase the brand as a celebrator of love and highlight their 6 million success stories through #WohEkBaat as a distinct digital property that leveraged the shared love between those happy couples and encouraged their followers to find theirs.

Creative Idea has acquired a database of the likes and dislikes people share with one another. Every couple has that one thing that they love to do together or one thing that they share love for. This becomes #WohEkBaat that brought them together and is the true celebration of their love.

Challenges is perceived by many as a traditional brand and getting its audience to have conversations on social platforms about the shared love was seen as a challenge. #WohEkBaat made it easier and possible for everyone to connect with that one common thing they share with their loved on or wish to share with them.


During the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, the brand created posts for their social media that introduced the idea behind #WohEkBaat and generated conversation about the success stories created by the brand.

On the day, they launched a contest on their Instagram page that required followers to solve 3 simple puzzles to figure what some the most common #WohEkBaat among their existing couples were. This activity was driven by Influencer couples on Instagram who talked about the one thing that brought them and their partner together making it their #WohEkBaat.

Through influencer amplification and cross-platform promotion maximum participation, reach and conversation was ensured, and the day of love was celebrated the way it should be.

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1) Gurmeet & Debina

2) Suyyash & Kishwer

3) Karan & Nisha

4) Meenakshi & Ravi

5) Priyanka & Sumit (Dilli Foodies)

Contest Posts


The brand’s message of love reached 1.4 million people. They grew their fan base by an average of 5% across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On Valentine’s Day, the contests garnered 500+ entries and almost 200k people engaged with #WohEkBaat posts.


“Just like any other brand today, is trying to break the perceived stereotype that surrounds its industry, and create a digital presence that encourages conversation and interaction and drives brand love beyond just their services,” says Ryan Thomas, Business Head, Fruitbowl Digital. “Marriage is a very hush-hush topic in today’s digital generation, especially on social media platforms. With #WohEkBaat, we wanted the brand to be able to celebrate love the way it has always wanted to and get people to talk to the brand with a topic that resonates with everyone equally. Everyone loves love!”

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